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I’d Invite Mrs Obama

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The prompt for today was that If I had to choose five celebrities to hang out with, who would I choose? I am up-ing the game by inviting them home for dinner so that my friends would be there as well. That, my friends, is the recipe for one awesome dinner party.

1. Mindy Kaling


Oh C’mon, let’s not pretend that anyone is surprised by my first choice. I have announced, over and over again, my love for her. This would be the perfect timing to convince her that we were long lost cousins. Mindy would be the queen of the party. She’s smart, funny and fashionable. I would let the spotlight shine on her and get her to entertain people as I am sure anyone would love to pick that sexy brain of hers.

2. Charles Boyle


Named after a British poet, Boyle is a detective in the 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn. He’s a sweet innocent chap. People might think that I invited him because he’s working as a law enforcement. Wrong, it’s for his passion and knowledge about food. A true foodie. I would love to have someone who appreciates the food better than I do. Also, he would be the perfect salt for the pepper that’s Mindy. He would absorb Mindy’s endless energy while I focus on other guests. Kinda like one of that Cullen kids who could calm people with his mind power.

3. Michele Obama


She is a power icon. Since I could only hang out with five celebrities, I had to choose between Michele and Oprah. Although Ms. O is like my GURU, I think I would have more fun hanging out with Mrs. O. I wouldn’t ask her about her opinion about worldly matters, of the whatnots in other places; instead my questions would be around her family, her childhood, her own ambitions and dreams, all those general unpresidential stuff. And if she came early, I would love to hear her fashionable intake of my wardrobe. Do you do that to some of your guests too? Is that normal?

4. Chris D’Elia


Every party needs a joker, at least I prefer to have them in mine. So without further ado, meet Chris D’elia, one of a few stand up comedians who made me LOL for real. Inviting him would like having a cake and eating it too. Everyone would be entertained by his jokes while the girls would also be entertained by his charms. He’s funny, original and he will go places. Before that, he would be a guest at my dinner party. Some of his best: Drunk girls // Justin Beiber // Germans.

5. Lady Grantham


Oh dearie, having Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in the party would be epic! We would be forced to sit up straight, eat properly while simultaneously having interesting conversation. We would be awed by her words of wisdoms and witty banters. I personally would like to ask her honest opinion about the future of Downton Abbey. I should only be worried about my single friends chance with Chris as the Countess might claim an ownership towards him. Then again, he’s not an Englishman, so maybe not?

Actually, there are more celebrities I would love to invite, including Snape, Stewie Griffin and Nicki Minaj’s ass, but since my house wouldn’t be able to fit them all together, I’d invite them next time. Also, I have a hunch Lady Grantham wouldn’t be thrilled if seated next to Nicki Minaj’s ass.

Now is your turn, If you had to choose five celebrities to hang out with, who would you choose?

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