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NYC: These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray

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We are half way through #BlogEverydayinSept people! These past weeks I have shared stuff which I wouldn’t share otherwise like my childhood crush or first BFF, since it’s not my passion. And I am glad I did it. I hope those snippets shed a different light on me and bridge new friendships in the future.

Yesterday prompt was if you could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week vacation right now, where would you go and why?

New York Yellow Cab

I thought about it in the shower this morning. It would be New York City. The answer surprised me because I have never been obsessed with the USA, especially not NYC. It must have been my inner Carrie talking and this time I would follow her voice. I would:

  • Take the Sex and the City tour.
  • Snap a selfie in front of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go on a coffee date with Dr. Lahiri.
  • Ride the subway, of course.
  • Make new international friends.
  • Eat NY pizza at a classic pizza joint.
  • Visit 30 Rockefeller Plaza. I wonder whether Ken is still giving the tour?
  • And dim sum in Chinatown.
  • Stay in the Plaza for a week.. (would be cool to be Chuck Bass’s neighbor)
  • ..and AirBnB it on the second week.
  • Go on a walking tour or two.
  • Satisfy my sweet tooth at The Sweet Shop NYC and The Doughnuttery.
  • Flag a yellow cab and..
  • ..Ride pass the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Blog from the Upper East Side.
  • Have breakfast at Tom’s Restaurant (onion omelette and chocolate chip pancake).
  • Lay on the grass at Central Park in Autumn!
  • Take touristy pictures with Empire State Building as the background.
  • Spend an afternoon in the Grand Central Terminal.
  • Roam around the city while listening to Gala Darling’s podcast.
  • Camp out at the Apple store for iPhone 6. Would I be too late for this? Is not out yet here in SEA.
  • Hang out at the Time Square until midnight.
  • Buy NYC snow globe as a souvenir.

New-York (1) 2

I would walk a lot, explore the lanes, feed the ducks and try to absorb its vibe as much as I could. Now that I have written my imaginary to explore list in NYC, I hope the Universe will take me there. How about you, where would you go? Thanks for reading you guys, back tomorrow.

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  • I love NYC! It could be the fact that I live 40 minutes away, but there’s something so magical about it!

  • I love NYC! Probably my favorite city in the whole world. If I could go anywhere right now I think it would be a trip to Ireland.

  • Oh man, you gave me so many more wonderful ideas for my future NYC trip! Too bad I couldn’t actually live in the Gossip Girl world. While NYC is high up on my list, I think my top spot would be London/Entire UK if I had time. I could make an endless list of things to do and see and try!

  • Tihana Smiljanić

    That’s an interesting question to begin with. I must admit I would have to think about it heavily – I have some trips planned in my head, and those I want to happen in the near or farther future, but if I was given an opportunity like tomorrow… well I guess I would also choose NYC because it’s one of those I want to visit so badly, but don’t have time/money at the moment. 🙂 I love your list of things you would do there, by the way!

    Wandering Polka Dot

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