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Noryangjin Fish Market

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At times, I find something very interesting and take many pictures of it, but when I come home, I don’t much to write about it. At times, these pictures are just sleeping in iPhoto with not enough sunlight love. Today is not that time. I want to share one of my favorite parts of Korea trip, the fish market.

The interest of visiting a fish market started years ago, while planning Japan itinerary. We planned to go to Tsujuki in Tokyo. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, so I put Noryangjin in Seoul itinerary (and Jagalchi in Busan just in case we have no time in Seoul). We somehow managed to go to both markets.

Noryangjin Fish Market, Seoul

Noryangjin Fish Market

We were greeted by the fishy smell far before we saw any shape of fish, when we got into the building, it was worth it. Noryangjin was a feast to the eyes, not necessarily to the nose though.

Noryangjin White Octupus

These octopuses were alive and swimming in the pails. It was squeamish-ey to look at. My favorite was the white, dead, octopus. It looked majestic. Maybe it was the princess of octopuses?

Crab Noryangjin Market

Yep, pack me this please! Do you know, you can actually bid for this baby? They hold auction here in the wee morning everyday. I would love to experience that one day, but not on the day we went, not during winter.

Lobster Noryangjin Fish Market

I could see a story here. A family of four, lived happily in bikini bottom, once..

Noryangjin is definitely worth a visit you guys! And with 24 hours operating time, you can always squeeze in time to visit it. Take the subway and get down at Noryangjin Station, Line 1 or 9. It was one of the most interest place I have ever stepped into. Also, bring your appetite. You can choose the fresh seafood from the market, get it cooked right there and then. And it’s yummy! FG guaranteed.

Jagalchi Fish Market, Busan

Jalagchi Market

The Jagalchi fish market starts from outside. Fresh catches in front of rows of restaurants. I felt like I have eaten this type of fish before, but I wasn’t sure, I would have to ask my mummy first.

Jagalchi Long Fishes

Never thought I would be so excited to see dead fishes before <*))))><

Jagalchi Dried Fish

Jagalchi Sea Cucumber

Tell me that you don’t think the thing on the bottom left corner bears uncanny resemblance to a penis. I told my besties about it and Yin made sure I tried it on this trip. It was nice actually. Chewy.

I was online with mom on the same day we went to Jagalchi. She asked me what all I did that day. I told her I went to the fish market. After being silent for a few seconds, she said “.. But you can always come with me to anytime, we also have fish market here..”. Well, yes, I know Ma, but it’s um different?

Have you been to a fish market for sightseeing before? Do you have an interesting fish market at your place? Let me know! I would love to give it a visit  someday.

I am linking up with Nicole of Treat Yo’ Self Thursday.

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