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Photo Journal: Being A Stranger in Nice la Bella

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Nice was not in our original Europe plan. We wanted to go to Prague at first, but one thing led to another we had to forgo it and picked Spain instead. And since we are going to do Long story short, we decided to stay in Nice for a couple of days. And as usual, I am glad for this little detour. It was not a love in the first sight, I am not even sure it was love, but I more than warmed up to Nice, France. It’s not something I would recommend for a short visit, but it’s definitely somewhere I could see myself living in for a year or two.

Nice Apartment

^^ We stayed in one of these apartments. The one with a balcony. Pretty cool, eh? I am a sucker for old buildings. Standing on the balcony, it was too chilly to relax with a cup of coffee, I really understood the charm of French living. You wouldn’t want to pass it if you have the chance.

Nice France

^^ I nominate this, Promenade des Anglais, as the creepiest landmark I have ever seen, creepier than the pissing boy statue in Brussels. My first thought when I saw it was “what did they do to be punished by sitting on top of the pole?” I tried to avoid any eye contact by all means necessary, but the pink sky was too gorgeous not be captured.

Chinese cuisine

^^ Downtown Nice’s filled with hybrid Asian restaurants. Some called themselves Chinese, others put Vietnamese, one even mentioned Korean on the signboards. Inside you could find cuisines from different regions in Asia, including Thailand and India, though not Korea. My only problem was that those foods tasted almost identical, I couldn’t differentiate chicken ananas from chicken curry. But it was definitely value for money, we ate at the same type of restaurant both nights we were there.

Nice, France

^^ One of the busiest streets in Nice, where there were two Pinocchio gelaterias standing opposite to each other. We spent hours inside, sharing waffles (not as good as Brussels‘), drinking countless glasses of rose and munching on macaroons. Good times.

Invisible Man

^^ Years of sitting in the business school don’t guarantee to teach you such valuable entrepreneurial skill; with a little dash of creativity, make your money work for you. Another lesson to learn here is the placement. In Nice you could get away with this, people even were kind enough to give some money. If I pull the same stunt in my home town, the shoes would be stolen in five minutes, with me inside, being kidnapped.

Dog Drinking Water From The Fountain

^^ Cute moment.

Nice France Restaurant

^^ A sample of my failed human photography attempt. What I had in mind was “look at the little red riding hood by the fruit stand!”. What I captured was dark alley, boxes of fruits, a pissed off father, and a car, which essentially ruined the quaintness I was aiming for.

Old Apartment Elevator

^^ Our AirBnB apartment had an old fashioned elevator. I have only seen it on TV before, so it was kinda exciting. Everytime I rode in it, I channeled Lady Mary. Now only I realized I never seen any elevator scene in Downton Abbey. Hey, TV boss what’s up with that? Also, have you considered my proposal of Lady Mary having an Asian second cousin?

Nice, France

^^ Another thing about Nice’s that there were flocks of birds flying in different directions all the time. It’s actually quite amusing until one of them shat on you.

Now tell me what’s the weirdest landmark you have ever seen? Also, have you ever visited a place you rather live in instead of just seeing it for a few days?

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  • Nice looks beautiful, and agree, that statue is creepy!!
    I went to San Francisco in August on my way back to Australia and fell in love. If I were moving back to America (and my family didn’t mind I was still a long plane ride away) I would move to San Fran!

  • Joanna Śliwińska

    I have no idea who came up with the idea of these statues… Creepy! But Nice looks nice otherwise 😉

  • That’s funny you were aiming for Prague and ended up in Nice… I was persuading some friends to COME to Prague and they decided to go to Nice instead. (eerie music) Sometimes there are really tourable cities and then there are livable cities, and perhaps Nice falls in the latter? I loved those Chinois delis in Paris because I didn’t have any money to eat out but these little joints were really patronized my the locals and I did enjoy eating a full meal for only 5 euro 🙂

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