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We Explored the Scenic New Zealand by Train

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When you travel with me, you will get to know my obsession about trains. My friends have heard things like “If the train is an option, let’s take train” or “If it’s not an option let’s make it an option”. Yes, I am like Sheldon (especially the annoying parts), though he is into facts and toy trains while I am more taking pictures in front of it and scenic rides. So I am kinda super excited I am going to take another ride this month, more on that soon. For now, let me share my last joy ride, The Northern Express by Kiwirail. This 10 hours New Zealand scenic train ride stretched from Auckland to Wellington. It took us through the most breathtaking journey I had experienced in my entire life. I saw herds of sheep and cows, snow mountains, rocky beach, farmlands and the country side. To top it all off, it was one gorgeous day people!

Kiwi Rail

^^ This wide smile is reserved for kitty cats, train rides and job promotions.

Little House By The Hill

^^ How cute is this barn!

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows

^^ So every time we buy a hot drink, they give this chocolate coated marshmallow. So yum! I stole Hulk’s as well.

Snow Mountain New Zealand

^^ I saw the biggest snow cone.

Kiwi New Zealand

^^ We spotted the cutest Kiwi and decided to pack her with us back to Asia.

The Bluest Sky

^^ Meet the bluest sky! It looked like a scene from the video game.

Scenic Creek Kiwi Rail

^^ New Zealand took my breath away again and again.

Kiwirail Restaurant

^^ The train has its own canteen cart, complete with dining area, where I hung out most of the time because I want to eat something or another most of the time.

New Zealand Sheep

^^ Waiting patiently in line for the iSheep 6.

I feel so lucky to be able to experience it. Please put Kiwirail in your itinerary when you travel to New Zealand. I was in the state of joy for 10 hours. It was definitely the highlight of my trip. Btw speaking of traveling, I am currently in Germany, most probably on may way to meet Berlin wall, fulfilling Papa Geek’s dream of me visiting it one day. Well Pa, today is that day. Thank you for reading.

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  • See! THIS is why New Zealand needs more trains. Trains are brilliant and what are they doing? Building more roads. I really want to do the South Island train one day, hopefully before they go and shut it down.

    • Foreign Geek

      Please tell me there is no plan to shut it down! I would very much love to visit the southern island by train.

      • Alex Burgess

        I’d imagine there’d be a huge outroar if KiwiRail tried to shut down the likes of the TranzAlpine.


    • Foreign Geek

      Hahahaha yeah, gorgeous no?

  • Have fun in Europe! Are you visiting anywhere other than Germany?

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Liz, yes, we went to a few other cities, will post about it soon.

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