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New Zealand Food Trucks

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Hi you guys, I just woke up from the Diwali feast coma. I have eaten way too much these past two days, much more than I’d publicly admit. And I, for the love of Ganesha, couldn’t come up with Diwali story just yet. Sorry, you have to wait for that one. Instead, I am inspired about food truckOkay, I know I am being all over the place right now. Please bear with me, I am still high on sugar from all the sweet Indian treats. Apparently food truck business flourishing here in Jakarta, me and my cousins were discussing to operate an Indian-Indonesian fusion snack-food truck (well isn’t that a mouth full). Imagine vadas with Indonesian spices. Anyway, more on that later. How about I interest you with some New Zealand food trucks as a part of 4 Things Friday.

1. Mister Chai, Cuba Street, Wellington

Mister Chai

This quirky little food truck was managed by a french girl who moved to New Zealand. She is pretty AND friendly, that beat the whole french chick perception, didn’t it? We found it accidently while strolling down the Cuba Street. I told Hulk that we had to go there (eventhough we just had breakfast). I ordered a ginger peppermint herbal tea that really kicked soon after while Hulk refused to get anything because it all seemed to Zen for him. Ngeh! I suspected it was the one that kept me fit while Hulk fall sick a day later.

2. Organic Coffee, Oriental Bay, Wellington

Organic Coffee

We strolled down Oriental Bay on a fantastic weather day, the sky was clear blue and it was warm enough not to put your jacket on. Oriental Bay was packed with activities, kids running around being kids, adults in rollerstakes and tourists with coffee cup in their hands. The vibe was so cheerful we could sit, soak everything and enjoy it for the longest time. And we did just that. There are a few of food trucks around here, most of them sold beverages, but I was drawn to this particular one and I can’t explain why.

3. Elephant Ears, Queens Street, New Zealand


Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try it. Booo!! I took the picture as a reminder to come back later that day, but we tried and tried to find it again, no luck. I googled elephant ear snack. Fried dough?! Kinda like the flat version of doughnuts?! I love those stuff!! And now I have to live with the knowledge of it and the pain of never tasting it.

4. Retroespresso, Auckland Airport


We just reached New Zealand and it was past midnight. This food truck was a life saver for a shivering girl who stupidly packed her jacket in her suitcase. It was the best hot best ginger lemon I have ever had. Also, the guy was super friendly, he waited patiently when I picked and changed my order a few times. Let’s blame the indecisiveness on jet lag shall we?

Is food truck a part of your culture? Which one is your favorite in your city?

Liink up: Treat Yo’ Self.

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  • I love food trucks! People always come up with really interesting food combinations and ideas!

    • Foreign Geek

      I agree! I find it interesting too. Do you have a go to food truck at your place?

  • I love food trucks too! I hope you had a nice Diwali festival!

    • Foreign Geek

      High5 🙂 and once again thanks Liz.

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