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You Must Visit Dubai If You Are One of These People

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I am going to pretend as if I had been writing regularly here for the last one month.

Hello! I came back from Dubai last week, accompanied by sleep deprivation, heat rash and tanned skin. I have recovered since and now fully back feeling like my old self, pre-pre Dubai holiday, the one who used to write here about travel stuff. If you are my regular readers, including the ones who I force to read my blog, thank you for sticking with Foreign Geek through the too much blabber and the radio silence.

Dubai’s rich, monochromatic and a little monotonous. Also the heat. Gah! The 50 degree heat!! It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not for me, Carrie, Samanta, Charlotte nor Miranda*, but maybe , if you are one of these people you must visit Dubai:

1. You are an Indian mom who loves gold


If you think my #1 reason is racist, I would very much like to quote Mindy Kaling: “I am an Indian, I can’t be racist.” Also, I do have an Indian mom of my own, who I accompanied for 6 hours in one gold shop examining every single gold jewelry displayed. Twice. So back off you over-analyzing-every-sentence-people-write person.

We tried so many things there and it made her happy, which made me happy, it was also kinda fun for me. Gwad, I am turning into my mom, I am turning into an Indian mom! By the time we came out from the shop, I have had conversation with every single shop keepers, who mostly came from India who were amused with me speaking Bahasa and got more amused when I recited a few Mallu words like ciwi (combing), cewy (ears) and meen pollichathu (fish dish). Don’t judge! I am pretty proud I could say a part of basic hygiene, body parts and food in another language.

2. You got a good job offer in Dubai

A little known fact, Dubai is filled with expats, who play volleyball and sunbathe in bikinis along JBR even on working days. I felt like referring to Mama Geek as Toto and telling her that we are not in Kansas anymore. Jumeirah Beach Walk vibe was the opposite of Dubai downtown. It’s more chilled, roomy and even the air felt a little cooler.

JBR Beach Walk Dubai If you have to move to Dubai this is where you should live. Because who doesn’t want to be neighbors with the Cheese Cake Factory with an apartment overlooking the beautiful sea.

3. You are married to an oil sheik

Sheik Everywhere is a great place to be if you are rich. Though Dubai takes you to another level if you are rich, sometimes literally. Like you can visit level 148 of Burj Khalifa, world tallest building, instead of the mere level 121, if you fork out more Dirhams.

We spent one whole day, mostly getting lost, in the Dubai Mall, window shopping for all the brands that I have never heard of. It’s filled with the fancy stuff, the most beautiful ladies and nice smelling gentlemen. The whole mall oozed richness with indoor souk and hidden little cafes that served macaroons. That’s when my friend texted me “Did you meet any oil tycoon to marry?” because well why not?!! All those giant sized gold jewelries are meant to be bought and worn right? So why can’t it be me and my mom who wear it!

I weigh on his question. Firstly, I would only marry the oil tycoon, if he let me stay in cooler country for more than half a year. Lastly, aka the most important point, I look like shit compared to the ladies there, so why would he?

4. You are a sunset photographer

Dubai River Sunset While Auckland’s sunrise was the greatest I have ever witnessed, sunset in the Middle East was pretty amazing too. Every day there I saw  gorgeous sunset. Every day I asked Mama Geek to take a picture of me overlooking the sunset. Every day I was disappointed at how the picture turned out. Safe to say that we both need a crash course on DSLR.

If you are a sucker for sunrise, sunset, or if you a sunset photographer, visit Dubai creek. Better yet, pay one Dirham and take pictures on the boat, exactly like what the guy in the picture did. Btw, if you win some kind of photography contests, will share your glory with me?

In conclusion, Dubai can be amazing; for some, not for me. We don’t speak the same language, still I have more stories to share about Dubai, because, well, vacation is a vacation people! It’s (almost) always filled with memories, stories and this time skin ointment for me.

The answer to the question whether I will come to Dubai again is absolutely, during the transit.

*I am well aware it's Abu Dhabi in SATC 2.

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  • I was definitely interested to read your take on Dubai – I’ve always wanted to go, but my mom went a few years ago and really hated it. She said it was too money, exploitation of the locals, very hot, etc. I may still go just to experience it, but maybe I’ll pair it with another nearby city I would enjoy more. 🙂

  • Nilcha

    #3 could ve been my reason 😛

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