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Blogmas Day 7: Most Fascinating Things of 2015

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Barbara’s list of the most fascinating things of 2015  is out, people. Unlike last year when I couldn’t relate at all with her list, this year, we both agree on Amy Schumer, Bradley Cooper and Tracy Jorday making the cut. That being said, I still have my own 10, or at least 8, things that fascinate me the most this year. And I thought what could be a better time to share it with you than on the day I have to write a Blogmas post but couldn’t find any fascinating idea to write. So here goes the first part of the two parts of my most fascinating things in 2015.

1. Taylor Tippet


I rarely idolize real non TV human, and among the very few, I added Taylor. She is a flight attendant who writes positive encouragements and inspirational, sometimes hilarious, notes for the flight passengers to discover (#WordsFromTheWindowSeat). I have followed her Instagram ever since I read about her and officially stalk-fandoming her (scrolled through her Insta from the very first post). Man, isn’t she amazing?! I love her happy life disposition and would very much like to make her my best friend.

2. Wait But Why


I was introduced to this blog by Andre, a work friend or just acquaintances as we like to call ourselves, during a long tiring ride back from Bromo. This blog covers the most interesting topics I could ever think of like Your Life In Weeks or How To Pick A Life Partner (completely opposite from the trashy ideas from those trashy magazines). And sometimes, it’s like they peeked into my mind before writing stuff like Why I’m Always Late and Why Procrastinators Procrastinate. If you don’t believe in reading newspapers, as don’t I, this blog is the next best thing to regularly expand and nudging your mind.

3. A Sexy Bra Alessandra-Ambrosio-underwear-most-expensive-bras-Victorias-Secret

Another wisdom fruit from a colleague. I am not a stranger to the concept of a good fitting bra ever since Oprah told us so, but a sexy bra? Err, I was more of a funky color kind. But that was before Che, who sat in front of me 5 days a week keep reminding me the power of sexy underwear. Wear it to the meetings and feel the difference, she said. Wear a skirt see yourself walk taller, she said. Two trips La Senza later, and both times not to buy Monkey PJs, I am a believer Che. Ps. I just got another pair today.

4. Twinkie Chan

Twinkie Chan with Cat Donuts

I couldn’t remember how did I stumble upon a Twinkie Chan’s blog, Twinkie Chan. Probably by googling something like “wear food” or “sushi necklace”, but I am sure glad I did. Twinkie is a craft queen blogger with runs a successful craft business with a huge number of followers behind her. And what I like the most about her blog, other than the constant influx of delicious looking wearables, is that she keeps it personal. In the past couple years, I had seen a few of my favorite bloggers, who turned their semi-personal blog into a professional outlet. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, I guess, but I have lost the reason to read their blog. On the other hand, I have gone through Twinkie’s archive to know that this lady keeps it real for years. For that I salute her. I plan to order one of her scarf to rock on Melbourne winter next year. Any suggestion which pattern I should get?

5. Awkward Black Girl Webseries


2015 is the era of web series. Or maybe it was two years ago, but since I am always late to the party, it’s only this year that I manage to catch up with it. Among others, including the highly recommended (by BFF) Fragments of Friday, I fall in like with Awkward Black Girl. Maybe because I could relate to her, maybe because it reminds me of The Office, maybe because the narrators hilarious train of thoughts, maybe because the quirks of each character, or maybe because I couldn’t stop hearing the damn “booty call.. booty call” ringtone in my head. Whatever the reason is, I like it so much I watch each of the episodes many times. My favorite episode is when Jay and Cece become friends.

Alright, you guys, that’s all for today’s Blogmas, half of my most fascinating things of 2015. I will write the rest of the most fascinating things of this year in the next few days. But only after I manage to finish work’s work, packing, wrapping gifts, unpacking and repacking, send the very late Christmas cards and not feel sick due to exhaustion in the process.

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What are your most fascinating things of 2015?

Image source: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

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