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Blogmas Day 10: Most Fascinating Things of 2015

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In between stuffing my luggage with instant noodles and painting my nails, I remembered I haven’t written the second part of the most fascinating things about 2015. Ops!

If you want to read the first part, click here. Now for the rest of the most fascinating things of 2015:

6. May28th.me


I wanted to write about Apple Watch, which I am sure was one of the most fascinating things for many this year. I do love the watch. I am not going to argue whether it’s a gimmick or not. Even if it’s a gimmick, it’s the best gimmick in town, the hottest gimmick of the year. I have done plenty of things with it, including taking pictures and getting constantly encouraged that I have reached my daily goals. All this wasn’t a reason for me finding it amusing. What’s amusing is the number of people who had come to me and claimed that the watch that I bought for 300$ costs ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. What do they think my employee paying me with? Bricks of gold?

But my attention went to more to this fully customized watches. Yes, From the picture on the dial, the material, bands, buckle and keeper. It was fascinating indeed. All for under $50. Guess who just got one for herself?

7. Colleagues

Speaking of colleagues. I got the best ones ever! Having had my experiences before, I don’t think work-friendship is a real thing. I am not saying I work with bad colleagues before, but the people I work with now are smart, hard working and super fun people who are also passionate about their life an work. At least half of us are studying for one thing or another, trying to better ourselves. They inspire me and because of them, I am truly looking forward  to go to work.

8. Japan

Otaru Market

You didn’t think I would stop yapping about Japan and its awesomeness, did you?? I went to Japan again this year and fell deeper in love with the country. Hokkaido and the seaside life portray another side of japan which is the exact opposite of Tokyo’s Shibuya. If there is a most fascinating country in the world competition, Japan would win it every year in my book.

9. Passion Planner

It all started innocently when I read Xandra’s post. I checked it out, but never had enough reason to get myself one since I navigate life pretty much okay using my 2.do app.

Then yesterday morning, Che told me about getting a planner and I suggested the Passion Planner. After that, I couldn’t really remember what made me change my mind, but we spent the day obsessing over this planner and stickers. We tried to find one that can ship before the new year (Che) and the cheap/fake version of it (me). We convinced my colleagues who were still working until the last minute (some of us, fortunately don’t need to) get one as well. At 5.40 PM we clicked buy.

10. Change Your Password, Change Your Life

Foreign Geek Desk

Call it God, power of believing, the secret, etc. I am a believer. I have seen and experienced again and again the magic of thinking and believe that things you wish for will come true. I am not saying all without efforts you need to do your work. But the power of mind and Universe combined is.. magic.

After reading this article, a few months ago I changed my password to a combination of words+symbols that represented my biggest goal for this year. Nothing much happened until a couple weeks ago, when I finally got the good news. I am super excited to share it with all of you, but I have to wait until everything come into realization. Hopefully soon 🙂

And that’s a wrap. Time for me to sleep so I won’t feel groggy for my morning flight to Singapore. Thanks for reading. Happy Holidays!

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  • Kate Garnett

    I loved this post! I live in a seaside town in Japan now and am so fascinated by the preserved culture here, so I was really excited to read that you love all of the facets of Japanese culture. If you come back to Japan soon, please come check out rural Kyotango. By the way what’s the most exciting news?? xx

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