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Most Fascinating Things in 2014

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Recently I read in Glamour that Amal Alamuddin made to Barbara Walter’s top list of the most fascinating people in 2014. The writer didn’t agree with it, nor did I. But this post is not about Mrs Clooney. The article inspired me to come up with the most fascinating things and people in my life this year, the one who has captured my (naturally short) attention for more than two episodes of TV shows. They are:

1. Adnan Syed

I only knew about Adnan Serial last month; downloaded the podcasts to accompany the train rides while traveling. Within minutes I was hooked. I listened to the rest of the podcast within a couple of days after that and sent a mass text to my friends to download it from iTunes as well. I spent days going down the Serial rabbit hole in Reddit and hours discussing with anyone who would listen anything and everything about his case. The Serial podcast has ended, with a very disappointing closure by Sarah Koenig. Sarah, if you are reading this, we expected a lot more from you, you have let us down. Still, I hope there are some ways to prove that he was wrongly convicted, because I believe he didn’t do it. #FreeAdnan.

2. Ann Friedman & 3. Aminatou Sow

Call Your Girlfriend

My two new best friends who have been entertaining me for 15 x 32 minutes for some time. These smart ladies talk through their podcast (yes, another podcast, don’t judge! I finally listened to others) titled Call Your Girlfriend. They talk about everything me and my BFF usually talk about, including drunk online shopping, fancily known as Hic’ & Click, bad choices and pooping. So yeah, everything! It reminds me of our friendship. A lot.

4. Alexandra Franzen

Discovered her blog earlier this year and I love it! I have always been able to take back something good and positive from her blog posts. It feels like she has been directly “teaching” me, specifically my lack of communication skills. It has been a constant reminder that words have magnificent power and that I have to use it wisely. I need the reminder, since I say nonsensical things half of the time. I got her book, 50 Ways to Say You’re Awesome, for Christmas. Hope I get to pass the awesomeness around, maybe I will write a separate blog post about it. In short, she beats Amal Alamudin any day of the year except maybe on Amal’s wedding day to Clooney. Hey, maybe we can set her up with the next most wanted bachelor, Leo? Alexandra are you single?

5. Ji, my cousin

Technically, it wasn’t him who fascinated me, but it was him who tactfully made me pay an exuberant amount of money, while being unemployed, for a train ride to Jungfrau. Without him pushing me, I would happily go about Switzerland and would have just seen the Alps from below, which was already an amazing view. But because of him, I got to see one of the most breathtaking irreplaceable view of my life.


Ignoring the fact that I have maxed out my credit card two days before our departure and that I wouldn’t be able to give anyone a Christmas gift this year, I *silently* thank him for being a pain in the ass that time and making us go for it.

6. Miaw

Miaw in Shinjuku Japan

Yep, the Miaw, my Miaw. He is one of the most fascinating things in my life. He has been following me everywhere I go, accompanied me to work long hours and listened to every single whine and idea I shared with him. He has been a part of the family ever since I took him back home, even though in the beginning it was hard to explain to Papa Geek why Miaw needed to be included in our family pictures. Now he has been accepted by the family, cherished even, and he deserves it! He is the ideal pet for me.

7. Hyderabad briyani

Hydrabad Briyani

It’s no secret that I love me some crabs. Heck, I have taken many of them to bed for some fun time, but my encounter with Hyderabad briyani was something else. With the past experience of eating soggy briyani many times (one of Mama Geek’s NON specialty), I had sworn it off. “We are not meant to be..”, I would tell those rice. So when I tried Hyderabad briyani out of politeness to the host, I had zero expectation. It turned out to be delisiozo. It was the bad boy of the biryani clan and I always have a special place in my heart for bad boys. Hyderabad briyani changed my whole perception, that there is a perfect guy, biryani I mean, for each one of us in the world.

8. Glasses me

Glasses me is me with glasses on. Alright, you are allowed a short moment of judging looks, eye rolling and puking in the mouth, but yes, I fascinate me! I bet Alexandra Frazen thinks the same way about her. Wait, listen, this time at least I put glasses me. I wore glasses two thirds of my life, most of that time was spent feeling unattractive for wearing it. There was a time when I thought my ex boyfriend cheated on me because I wore glasses (Gah, being a teenager was so f-ing hard!) and from that time onwards I started to wear lenses. I felt a little pretty outside, but it took much longer, like, a decade, to feel the same inside. This year, fuelled by the most famous F word of 2014,  I decided to wear my glasses sporadically and see how it goes, whether it would affect me. I started wearing it to work, on dates and holidays. At first, it was not easy, especially since I have been fooling people with my fake grey eyes. I have taken long breaths in the elevator before stepping inside the office, but you know what, it was okay. No one cared, or to be exact I didn’t care much about other people’s opinions about me. With or without glasses I feel free.

9. Sheep

New Zealand Sheep

I like cats, a single cat at a time though. I am not a fan of many cats in one place, too much evil masterminds and it smells. The smell of cat litter mixed with cat lady’s depression. Which is why I have been avoiding going to the Cat Cafe alone. On the other hand, I super like herds of sheep. They are happiness inducing balls of wool going about their lives. I have yelled “sheep” enough time to annoy every single person in our train cart on the way to Wellington and I have more sheep in my iPhoto than my selfies and coffee pictures combined. Hulk promised me that we will get two sheep in the future and name them Miaw 1 and Miaw 2 after the Miaw (read no. 6).

10. Bonk Choy

Bonk Choy

Bonk Choy is one of the plants in the Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time, available both in IOS and Android. It can rapidly punch zombies in front or behind it. Together, we have killed hundreds of zombies and won many levels. I wish they were available IRL, I would get one or two and put it on my parents’ front door.

Alright then, that’s a wrap. Now I really want to know yours, who or what is your most fascinating thing in 2014?

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