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Karma Link : Minimalist Edition

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Karma Link Up

Maybe you don’t notice, but the blog is a little silent these days. No, I am not abandoning it, quite the opposite actually, I am in the midst of building a solid foundation for it. I don’t want it to only be something I created out of 9-5 job frustration. Again, maybe you won’t notice it immediately, but I am hoping one day it will speak for itself.

Oh, btw, I cut my hair short. Like short short. The last time I did it was seven years ago and it feels GREAT to have (and maintain) a short hair!

Now let’s enjoy the second Karma Link, the minimalist edition.

  • Ashley wrote about choosing a minimalist lifestyle: “I don’t want to spend my life jumping from distraction to distraction. I don’t want to wake up and wonder what happened to my life…“.
  • 6 easy steps to build a chic minimalist wardrobe. The second step is my favorite.
  • I am willing to exchange ALL of my current watches for this fuelband inspired i-Watch.
  • Photographs tell stories, we all know that, but pictures of photographs, well, it’s another level all together.
  • 10 core principles to clear the clutter.
  • And I discussed minimalism with Xandra over here on FG.
  • Tammy goes small, thinks big and happy while living in a teeny tiny house. That gives me a shift of perspective.

This Month:

Next Month:

  • I am going to participate in minimalism game. A little anxious and a lotta excited. #minsgame
  • It’s going to be about Hong Kong, Hong Kong with my BFF and eating in Hong Kong.

All right. That’s all for now guys. I hope you enjoy reading the collection of links. See you again in July. Stay subscribed!

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