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Meet The Mind Babbler

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Hello, if you remember, some time ago I made a monthly feature thingy called The People Behind The Geek where I’d interview people who inspired me in one way or another. People who I find awesome and interesting. Then I got lazy on following up, so it stopped *insert Super Mario Bros lost a life sound here*. This time, I will put effort not to miss any more month.

Now, let me introduce you to Aish of The Mind Babble. She is a Uni student, currently living and studying in Banglore, India. I find her interesting because reading her blog feels like talking to a friend. It’s fun, original and heart warming.

Describe yourself with five different life roles!

I would describe myself as a student, a daughter, confidante, sister and awful-at-keeping-in-touch granddaughter. (I should probably call my pati now).

Share with us about your college life

Well, to say it frankly – I didn’t imagine my college life to be like this. I always thought of a “University” and not a college. Though the words may not have much difference in meaning, they couldn’t be further apart in culture. College is for Indians and British. Though there is no shame in Indian education (I mean c’mon, we kick ass in Engineering and Medicine) it’s not very sought after. Of course I’m not waking up to pancakes in the mornings, instead I get dosa and idli. No, I don’t have to spend hours in the library researching on complex names because the names I hear are often familiar (Krishnamurthy to Khan). Weekends are carefully and meticulously planned because we have to travel all the way to the city for our slice of fun, but we do parties and go clubbing and then hog road-side food in the dead of the night, only to sneak into hostels again. Why I am declaring this to the internet, I will never know. But meh.

*Oh, don’t you meh young, lady! how I wish I could go back to Uni life.*

If you have to pack your bag and live abroad for a year starting tomorrow, where would you go?

If money were a luxury, I’d choose Florence. My head has been stuck to the idea of visiting and living above a deli in Florence, ever since I read Melissa Hill’s “The Charm Bracelet. My mum says the woman has ruined my idea of the world and things like that don’t happen anymore. With the oncoming Expo (2018 I think??) Florence won’t be the same anyway. But I’d love to visit before the history of the place gets washed off because of technology and development.

*I love Florence too! Now, am intrigued to read the book*

Who is your best friend?

This one is easy. My best friend is PJ. That’s a declaration of love right there. She hates the nicknames I’ve given her over a span of three years – Namely PJ, wifey, muffin and littleone – but they have stuck anyway, especially PJ.

Aish and PJ

^^ Hi there PJ!

We met on my first day at high school in Dubai. Moving in the tenth grade was a huge disaster to my schooling, but we did it anyway. I had no friends, no idea of the culture and a barely-polished English on my tongue. This girl (PJ of course) was on the same bus as I and came bounding to me the minute I entered the class. She was only the first among many introductions and friendship proposals I received in my first week. But she was the one who stayed. I still remember us, tight pigtails and all, sitting right at the front of the class and listening to the teachers. I’d peep into her books during maths and she’d peep into mine during English/history (though her English has been always impeccable). Now she studies miles away from me, but we’ve managed to keep contact. The biggest problem we’ve had so far is finding out where to message the other from, because we’re on so many platforms of social media!

What are you good at?

This is one interview imposing question. I should really know this about myself by now right? Hmm… If you measure me by acknowledging skills, then I’d say I’m good at dancing, acting, sketching, bearable in singing, painting and cooking (brownies anyone?). But otherwise, I’m good at listening to people’s woes. I‘m good at categorizing things into details last minute and getting the event done. I’m good at dishing out sarcastic insults to bullies (a skill I’m quite proud of) and I’m good at making impulsive decisions and getting through them with almost always minimal damage. Notice how I said minimal and not zero? Yup, haha.

Choose a super power!

I think it’s a bit cliche, but… Time travel. I have always wanted to, and always will want to, travel to Akbar’s court and have a little chat with Jodha. Or better, give Hitler a piece of my mind and hope he doesn’t blow it to smithereens.

What makes you happy?

Well a lot of things make me happy. For starters, it’s the coconut barfi I’m eating as I type this. YUM! Being right about something makes me happy, finding solutions makes me happy, getting that perfect eyeliner definitely makes me happy. There is something about honest children who point out my mustache and tiny feet that brings grudging happiness. Books have ALWAYS made me happy and sometimes, just sometimes, people do too.

*I just googled coconut barfi. I want one, or three!*

Tell us about someone in your extended family that you look up to

I like how you mentioned “extended family” because we Indians never have “just family” ha-ha. I look up to my uncle a lot, my mum’s younger sister’s husband to be precise (or just my Chitappa in Tamil). He is the only person in my family who had dared to take psychology at a college level in his days and then proceeded to work years in the Indian army. What’s not to idolize? Even though he is rarely home, he makes a prompt call to his son (and sometimes me when I’m around at my aunt’s place). One at 7:30 in the morning and one at 9 in the night. He asks about how our lives are going and fills us in on what’s happening with him. Communication, dedication and amazing unparalleled humor – that’s his description. He is a formidable man that one. You really have to look out for him because he pranks like a teenager and tickles like a maniac.

Thank you Aish for answering the questions. Now, do you have a blogger that truly who inspires you? Share with me! And let me know in what way do they inspire you?

A few of my favorites from Aish’s blog: Metro, Shopping and Sweets // Banglore Part 1 // The Dorm Room.

The last People Behind The Geek was Xandra and next month will be someone I know in real life I guess, to show you that I do have non imaginary friends. I am participating in #BlogEverydayinSept. Connect with me? I am buzzing on TwitterInstagramBlogLovin’ and occasionally on Google+. Thanks for reading you guys.

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  • Unrelated comment: I’d love to hear more about Jakarta!

    • Foreign Geek

      You know what Liz? I never thought of writing Jakarta travel stories because it’s my hometown, but you are right. I should, and that might shift my presepective of it.

      • Yes! I can’t wait to hear about Jakarta! I’ve never been there, but I family that I met here in Lithuania used to live and work in Jakarta. Small world – right?

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