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Hellow Yellow Melbourne Is Mellow

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In Melbourne now with plenty of sunshine. After like almost an hour ride to the city we reached the hotel this afternoon.

Melbourne looks deserted from a foreigner observation. The city doesn’t look like not a tourist spot. At least not the ones I have been to, definitely a different vibe than Sydney. We put out luggages n headed out for lunch, or is it dinner? Well, something in between.. We reached little Italia and lingered a little longer at restaurants with heater outside. We then went to the South bank where we were told to have lots of eating choices, but it ended up to be too  fancy so we went back.

At night we had coffee at the Gloria Jeans. Man, I used to go to GJ only when I was in Jakarta, many years ago. Anyways, I love the place. They have super large windows, branch shadow, coat hanger and my beloved flat white. Unfortunately, they close at 10PM, what?? Even the mamak coffee shops in my neighborhood in Bishan are still open after midnight. What does Melbournian do after 10 PM, I wonder.

I know it has only been less than half a day, but so far I don’t think Melb (that’s what the locals are calling it) is worth to visit as a tourist, but maybe to stay?

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