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Welcome To Melbourne Goodie Bag

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Hello, it’s me, who last week declared that I am taking mini annual blogging break this month. I am. But yesterday I got something from my visiting BFF that I am too excited to keep it to myself any longer, a welcome to Australia goodie bag! A goodie bag just for moving to Melbourne?! That’s double awesome people!

First, the story behind the goodie bag. My BFF, who lives in Sydney, came for a short visit (too short if you ask me) last Monday. We had late dinner at Cookie (Zomato review coming soon), took photobooth pictures like a couple of teenagers, roamed around the CBD area trying to find a bottle shop that opens after hours to smuggle cheap wine before finally going back to the hotel. Once we reached the hotel room she asked ordered me to sit and gave me the white tote bag. A goodie bag or a care package according to her. Inside it was filled with the things someone would need if they move to Australia. 

Melbourne Goodie Bag

I appreciate thoughtful gifts so much and this goodie bag was exactly that.

Half of the items were the answers to the questions I had been asking her for the past two weeks. “What is the fun clothing brand here?” Sportsgirl. “My lips are cracked, what are you using to protect yours?” Blistex lip balm. “My hair feels frizzy, my usual hair product doesn’t do the trick anymore, help!” Argan Oil.

Lucas Papaw Australia

She also added a tube of Lucas Papaw ointment, which apparently is a quintessential product of Australia. It’s a multi functions ointment which treats minor skin problems. This gift couldn’t come at a better time. I have minor scars around my eye area due to eyebrows waxing incident which happened last week. I used Papaw last night and today the scar has significantly faded, just in a day!

The last two things in the bag somehow represent her, the new and old her.

The new version of BFF is a true believer of the power of raw coconut oil. She introduced me to her newest obsession, coconut, last January when I visited her place in Sydney for the first time. I asked her some makeup remover and she gave me a jar of raw coconut oil. She then went into the length how she used it for anything and everything. Me being me, I took note of her speech and repeated it in front of our mutual friends and teased her endlessly. But she is nothing if not persistent, case in point the big jar of organic raw coconut oil in the goodie bag.

Finally, the goodie bag, a white tote bag. This is a part of the old version of her. BFF’s love for tote bags can only be matched by my love for cat stuff.

I love all the stuff I got, every single one of it even the coconut oil which I gave in and slathered all over my legs in the morning. Thank you very much Jik. For the goodie bag and for making me smell like coconut all day. It was such a nice gesture, you gave me an idea to make a goodie bag of my own and share the love to others.

Have you ever got or given a goodie bag or a care package from someone? What would you put in yours? Any suggestion on what should I put in mine?

Ps. I wore the pink polka dot top to work today and received a couple of compliments.

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  • That is so sweet! I hope you are doing well NaNa!

  • Such a nice friend! And a great idea – I might steal it to use on someone else!

  • eatarttravel.com

    i love giving goodie bag and coconut oil are awesome!

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