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Melbourne Diary: A Half Day Local

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My first day in Melbourne the second time I am here. I reached at 7AM. Went pass the airport security in a jiffy and on my way to the city. On the way I couldn’t really see the coolness of Melbourne, the one that attracted me about Singapore, the one that should attract me about Melbourne, but it looked plain. Maybe Melbourne really is a place for a local but not a tourist?
I rested, showered and went out for breakfast by uber to St. Ali.  It’s a crowded day and I had the typical western breakfast. It’s nice, but it doesn’t satisfy my Asian taste. Came back soon after because my tiredness caught up with me. I slept until the evening before taking another shower and head down (by train this time) to Chinatown.
I had been to Chinatown before, with Jik and other cousins. The streets looked familiar except this time it’s overly crowded, felt like I was in East Asia instead of Melbourne.
I felt a little awkward or more than a little awkward with Australian friendliness and greetings, I kept hiding behind and immediately revealed that I am not a local by the tone I use. Gah!! I also love love love Melbourne after experiencing it as a local for a half day. I can’t wait to come back here in a couple of months.

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