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We Met Penguins at Melbourne Aquarium

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I am dedicating this Melbourne Aquarium post to Cheryl, my animal lover sista, whose obsession is to swim with dolphins. “Sis, mau berenang sama Lum-Lum..“, she would tell me every single day at work. Swim with Lum-Lum you will, Che. Soon. The Universe is listening. Meanwhile, how about visiting Melbourne city? We might not have Lum-Lum here, but we do have a bunch of pretty fishes and penguins. Penguins, bro!

As far as I know, Melbourne aquarium has never been a favorite, not among tourist nor with the locals. Case in point, I have visited the city twice with my friends and family, but the aquarium never fell into our radar. But that changed when I moved here and made a promise to push myself to experience one new thing every single day (project #1newthing2day – will write more about it soon) I am here. Be it as small as a new type of dish or as crazy as running 5k on a windy-rainy night at Night Color Run last week. The reason for this self-pact is to truly enjoy the city I am living in, which wasn’t always the way while I was in Singapore. I lived there for 8 years and I only visited the SEA Aquarium ONCE. Shame on me!

Back to Melbourne aquarium, it’s one of the easily accessible tourist attractions as it’s located in the CBD area, hence I couldn’t see any reason not to visit it first and ASAP. So, I booked my ticket, the Merlin Annual Pass, which allows unlimited entry to the Melbourne Aquarium and places all over Australia and New Zealand. Fafa thinks I have gone mad for committing on an Annual Pass but I think this way, I will be forced to explore more, don’t you agree? Also, the Melbourne aquarium is like 10 minutes walk from my office. Reckon I can squeeze in one or two lunch-hour there every month. Well, at least that’s the plan.

Melbourne Aquarium

At least these Nemos didn’t make me drink sea water from my snorkel due to overly excited yells.

purple yellow tail fish

I found my favorite fish, it’s half purple and half yellow and I named it PuYo. I am going to pretend that it’s mine, my pet fish, which I keep in the Melbourne aquarium. Another fave was the black and white cow-look-alike fish.

Melbourne aquarium

This was a happily single jet setting stingray. Her name is Samantha Jones.


These are happily married stingrays. Their names? Mr & Mrs Sea Leopard.

Fish in Melbourne Aquarium

I called him Fafa, after my Fafa and his mean resting face. He’s kinda busy with himself.

red teeth fish

Redtoothed triggerfish or Emmett Cullen as I preferred to call him.

happy jellyfish

A happy family of jellyfishes was dancing together in color synchronicity.


I was scared of this crocodile/alligator (– can’t remember which one it was) but it was still kinda mesmerizing to look at.

sea horse

Cute bro and sis of sea horses.


Guess where’s the cuttlefish? It took us a while to find out and because of that I named him The Royal Shyness.

Penguins in Melbourne

And lastly, penguins, which I think would be Cheryl’s favorite. I had seen penguins before, like many years ago and it was like only two or three of them. This time, I saw a small part of the colony! There were too many of them for me to name them one by one. Some were sleeping, some were meditating, some were fighting and some stared back at me (check out the guy on the extreme left).

To be honest, I was so unhappy to see their living conditions. To put it politely, I don’t think it’s good enough, even if it’s for educational purpose. I have been thinking to write to the management, hoping they will make some improvements. What do you think? Should I do it?

Swimming penguins

Saying that, I still recommend Melbourne Aquarium but only to long-term visitors, locals and fish enthusiasts like Cheryl.

Ps. I am going to Sydney Aquarium this weekend. See, the annual pass is passive-aggressively working!

Pps. Che, you are loved, by me and the swimming penguins.

Ppps. You guys, I want to request you to share our abundance to help the earthquake victims in Kumamoto, Japan. There are many ways to donate and I did through Global Giving. Don’t stop just because you can only spare $5 or 50cents. No amount is too small to help people in need! I and the swimming penguins will be extremely thankful if you help in anyway you can.

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