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Have You Met Marimo?

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Editor Note: I just reread the whole story below before hitting the publish button. I want to apologize in advance for liking weird things; well not really, I am not sorry I am drawn to it, can’t help it. In fact, I hope some of you are wired the same way as I do. If yes, enjoy! If not, you need to meet Marimo.

Big marimo

So, have you seen a Marimo before? It’s the green blob thingy inside the glass jars in the picture above. Marimo, scientifically known as a seaweed ball, is a type of sea plant found in the northern hemisphere that can grow in size over time. Due to their cute ball like form and simple ability to grow with very less care, this plant has been sold as pets to people with simpler mind, like yours truly.

I had Marimo sometime back, when I was still living in Singapore. Back then I didn’t know it had an official name, I just referred it as green blob thingy before I named them Kami and Niwwi. I also used them as the reason to go back on the clock from the office, because I needed to take care of my “pets”.

Marimo stuff

When I saw it again at Lake Akan, Hokkaido, I was less than surprised. On some level, subconsciously maybe, I must have known it’s originated from Japan. After all, almost everything cute comes from Japan. But I was still taken back on how much it’s celebrated in this part of the world.

Marimo toys

In Akan they built a conservatory for Marimo on a small island nearby which’s reachable by a boat taken from the main island. We took the boat for fun, as there was nothing much to do in Akan except for hiking and soaking. I hate hiking and as much as I love soaking, I couldn’t soak the whole day.

We had no idea that it’s a conservatory until the boat reach the island and people were getting down.

Marimo museum

Inside the conservatory, they displayed the best looking Marimos. The greenest among the greens, the royals. And I am guessing the one above was the King.

People are taking pictures in front of it, some even took selfie with it. I almost did it too, but I stopped and reminded myself that it was essentially an algae. I wouldn’t be able to brag about it on Facebook. Unless I explained about it first which would take away to the hey-look-at-me-I-am-doing-cooler-things-that-you-are-at-the-moment part of posting it there.

Marimo Lab

The next day, while exploring near Akan Lake, we stumbled upon another building, which resembled a museum filled with Marimo stuff. Inside, there was even a lab used to research about.. Yes, you have guessed it right my friends;  Marimo!

Marimo water

Marine has been one of the Japanese national treasures for almost a decade. In Hokkaido they hold a three day festival every October to celebrate these green balls. I found all these information fascinating.

Marimo Spa

The few days we were there, our lives were surrounded by Marimo and the height of it was when we went to the hotel spa. One of the spa rooms (yes, the hotel has many, all were wowza. I will write more about it next time) was decorated with Marimo like green blobs.

Marimo in jar

Legend has it many years ago lived a young girl on the island of Hokkaido, whose father was the chief of a village near Lake Akan.  The girl’s marriage had been arranged but unfortunately, she fell in love with a commoner and they decided to run away together. When the lovers reached Lake Akan, they jumped in. Their souls metamorphosed into little Marimo balls and lived happily ever after on the bottom of the lake (source).

I learned about this story while lying naked on the lay-down-bathing room in the public bath as it was written on the wall. I tried to memorize it so I could share it with my friends. When told Yin about it, she just laughed, thinking I made it the story up. The chief would be disappointed in you for not believing it Yin!

Marimo food

Marimo tea

There was also an abundance choice of food items representing Marimo. I got the candy version, which I finished even before I reached to Jakarta.  But I didn’t get the tea above, due to my over pack under budget mistake.

Marimo bus

Their bus was decorated with Marimo print. Now do you believe me when I said it’s all about Marimo in Lake Akan?

I am guessing below sign says “Do not enter or you will be dead in a cute way” or “If you enter this room, you might contaminate and kill all the Marimo inside and send them to Marimo heaven as Marimongel”.

Marimo signage

My besties got themselves one Marimo like accessories each. I asked BFF whether she wanted a Marimo because hey, it seems like a good idea for a souvenir from Japan but she said no. Still, it felt wrong to leave the land of Marimo without a Marimo. Finally, I caved and bought myself one too, well a pair to be exact, inside a tube attached to the keychain. It has been hanging on my backpack ever since. A memory from Lake Akan.
Marimo key chain

All these adoration to the Marimos didn’t move me in the beginning, but the legend and the local people love and effort to preserve it changed my perspective. I wish I had things I feel strongly about to protect and nurture. Maybe I should have kids or maybe I start with another try of petting Marimo and see my progress from there. Maybe this time I can keep them alive.

If you are interested in Marimo, you can get in many places online including Amazon or I recommend to get it from Rakutan. And if you live in Singapore, just get one from Somerset 313. Speaking of Singapore, I wonder whether Liz of Nom Elizabeth has one? I know she likes animal and she has been proven to be able to take care more complex than the green blog thingy. Hey Liz, do you have pet Marimo?

More on Marimo and other stuff: Meet Marimokkori (and his bulging pants) the creepy smile mascot of Marimo. Follow his twitter @marimokkori2005 and read his official blog // Marimo is also believed to bring love & luck. This green algae obviously has done its PR right // How to take care of your Marimo balls // Time-hop: this time last year I wrote about Hong Kong itinerary and the year before that about my attempt to live blog from Australia.

Thanks for reading & stay awesome.

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