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Red Hair Hobo Reporting Live From Airport

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Greetings from the Starbucks which I used to frequent when I was living in (and traveling from) Singapore.

Once again I found myself deserted in the airport, waiting for my friends to join me, with overflowing thoughts running in mind in between praying to God that the plane, which we are going to broad on in 3 hours, keep flying while it’s in the air.

I have been in the airport from 4PM and counting the flight to our Sapporo, I will have been in the airport for one whole day. Thinking of it, make me want to take a quick shower here in Changi. Before that, let’s continue the tradition of me sharing bits and pieces of life with you, mostly strangers who I have never met, because it’s a tradition. We must prove our broken record tape relatives who accused us, as youngsters for not appreciating the tradition, wrong.

Let’s start with fun stuff

Going to Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta airport today would put your holiday mood on hold. It took twice as much time with constant traffic everywhere. People are leaving for vacation or to go back to their hometown since it’s the biggest holiday the country and many, myself included, started earlier to bulk one more weekend into my vacation days. For the next two weeks Jakarta will be almost empty. Quite a sight for a usually hectic city, though I don’t recommend for anyone to visit during this period. Let’s leave it for the few local who stays to enjoy the quiet, shall we?

I am a red head again. I have been wanting to change my hair color for months, especially on the mornings when I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the frayed brown hair hobo staring back. I am pretty happy with the color, especially since I paid twice the normal rate I would go for. My mistake, new saloon, didn’t check the price, was feeling rich on that day.

Most importantly, we are flying off to Japan tonight. It’s our second trip to Japan, to fulfill the pact we made in the airport 3 years ago, to come back again because it’s JAPAN! We will be doing a road trip from Sapporo to two or three more cities. I didn’t really know much of the details because I have Yin, who booked and arranged everything, made complete itinerary and printed necessary documents. She can read map, drive and an excellent tour guide. Now, tell me, would you do any research if you have a Yin? Nope, I don’t think so either.

Now, for serious stuff

Fellow bloggers, have you ever wanted to stop blogging?

I had a strong urge to quit and just abandon the blog. It was a mix of tight schedule, work obligations and lack of practice. I was too tired to write after work or class, had no inspiration and convinced my writing was deteriorating. So I stopped for a while, or maybe I felt that way because I stopped for a while. Anyways, it didn’t take long for Hulk to notice and slapped some sense into me. I have put so much effort and I still have unrealized goals related to this blog, including being invited to the White House; because when Michelle, one of my regular readers, introduce it to the president, he loves it so much and wants to meet me in person.

So In June, I made a pact, if I don’t write 10 posts, I am going to take the defeat, abandon the blog and take up another hobby, like scrap-cooking, which essentially scrapbooking delicious home cooked food pictures. The pact might felt stupid when I look back some day, but it was exactly what I needed. I wrote 10 posts and back on being an amateur blogger but with pride and dreams.

I also blamed the I-don’t-feel-like-writing to my current layout, designed by yours truly. I changed the theme to spice things up but instead, with village idiot level technology skill and blind eyes for design, I ended up with something I don’t like. Foreign Geek, the website, is in need of a makeover and I finally decided to throw in the towel on my design attempt and get a professional help.

We are still in the early stage of it, as early as figuring out what’s a mood board and how to choose colors that doesn’t make my blog looks like an Indian wedding. Please hang in there, through this ugly transition, I promise the blog will sport a new outfit before its birthday next month. And, if the time permits, I will update some broken links as well. if is the key word here 😀

Have I told you I am on diet? I think I would have, since I told every single person I met about it. It started with Che who kept showing me delicious dietary food pictures on Instagram and subconsciously convinced me that I should participate on one of those diets. I, then managed to forcefully convince my team mates to join the diet. 6 of us, 2 week of diet, how hard could it be, we thought.

Mayo diet is one of the current trends in Jakarta. It’s essentially a diet where you can’t consume salt at all and cut down the carbs and sugar intake, no breakfast and no food after 6PM. I am sure I miss some of the information, but I am lazy to google it, if you are interested please look it up guys.

Every day for the past two weeks we got food boxes delivered before lunch time for both lunch and dinner of the day. The first few days was HELL. I felt so sad and depressed for not to be able to munch on anything at 10AM, 3PM, 8PM, 10PPM and 12AM. Also, I cheated on the diet. I had brownies, grapes, cookies, milk, fried rice and a lotta cocktails over the weekend. Lucky for me, I still lost some weight. Whee!! Though not as much as I wished for. In short, when I look in the mirror, I don’t see Gisele Bundchen, just a naked red hair hobo.

Work has been hectic. I know, it feels like I keep repeating the same thing here, but it’s even more hectic than before. I flew to Surabaya for a business trip earlier this week. It was short, packed and tiring. The highlight was when the colleagues there appreciated the visit, the BEST seafood dinner I had after a long time and an all-night girl talk.

And with that, I am going to sign off you guys, I got to find Yin and Vi somewhere in this airport, but not before I finish my almond butter loaf. Oh how I miss you!

Do you read blog post without pictures? Do you like this type of post? Do you think it’s too messy and random for travel blog? Whatever your answer is, thanks for reading people!

Ps. I am want to send postcard to you from Japan as a part of the #StampLove Project. Yes, you! Anywhere you are. If you are interested, please email me your address and patiently wait for my handwriting to reach your doorstop.

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