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Let’s Twerk Our Days

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Hi you guys. I am back! In one word blogging break was awesomebutikindamisswritingandthecommunity!

Today, I want to share the things I do to twerk my life. It’s the joy juice of my days. “Joy juice”??? What the what am I saying??? Anyway, these are the things I do to make my ordinary/not-so-good days a little better.

1. Burn a Candle on Wednesday

I am a fan of candles ever since my BFF made me a big jar of pink glittery candle fifteen years ago, but you know how you use your china only when you have guests to entertain? I do the same with candles; also, I don’t have china.

I used IKEA candles while entertaining. Even though I loved the atmosphere it created, the smell had never indulged my nose. That was before a Yankee candle store opened in my city. Having heard of its glorious smell several times before I bought it on a whim.

Hurricane in room2.jpg
Source : http://www.exquisitelyunremarkable.com/2014/03/think-pink-hurricane-tulip-candle.html

It was one of my best impulsive buy ever (that and the neon pink trekking backpack). It smells divine with extensive choices for every nose out there. I love it so much I start to burn it on regular days; after a long day at work, while Skype-in with mom dodging her questions about marriage plans; and balancing bank accounts (by balancing, I meant I checked my balance and got a panic attack trying to remember where did all my salary go?) Those times, burning a nice smelling candle helped. Even on a relaxing day of reading, writing or watching rerun of TV shows, it never fails to elevate my evenings.

2. Wear a Satin PJs

We buy another glitter gray eye shadow to recreate Alexa Chung amazing gray eye shadow moment. The thing is, only Alexa Chung looks great wearing it. For the rest of us Muggle born? Not so much my friend, not so much. Still, we buy the trending make up, another red lipstick, another tried and recommended by 9 out of 10 beauty products  (who are these ten people anyway??) But we throw in old tee and sweatpants to sleep. I was worse; I used to sleep in my papa’s old tees. Eeek!

Olivia Pope PJs

I broke this habit during my university days when I spent a month worth saving for a pair of pink PJs to impress a guy. Btw, did I tell you the PJ was decorated with pink monkeys? Needless to say, it was a wrong move; but it felt so good wearing a sleeping wear while sleeping and lounging. I was the Elizabeth Taylor of my dorm and so started my obsession with good quality PJs.

It makes me feel good and pretty even and especially on days (or years) of sleeping alone. So hold on buying yet another lipstick and get a good pair of PJs instead. Wearing red lipstick will make you look pretty, but a pair of fabulous PJs will make you feel pretty.

3. Shower, Sleep and Wake Up smelling Like a Bed of Roses

I got a set of toiletries as a birthday gift from my cousin. I used shower gel of this particular brand and she must have seen it when we traveled together. She also knew that I like useable gifts. It’s thoughtful of her. What she didn’t know was that I categorized it as a little luxury. I use their shower gel only because my skin is sensitive to soap; Other than that I didn’t use any of their products. Since I already got it, I convinced myself to give it a try. I read somewhere that if you use the same range of soap, lotion and cologne* smell will last much longer. I never bought this, I thought it’s another marketing; same line as flowy hair and smaller pores, but I had been proven wrong. It does make a difference! A huge, noticeable nice smelling difference.

*do they still call cologne as cologne? I mean EDT/body mist/spray/oil.

These days, I try to buy the same smelling toiletries and use it everyday without saving it for a special occasion. Shower at night, slather some lotion and spray the body mist, you will wake up smelling super nice.

4. Cheese & Vino are a Girl’s Best Friend

By a show of your hand, who here has unhealthy snacks in their house? I am not going to elaborate what falls under unhealthy snack categories, check your kitchen or if you are like me, your office drawer (I binge eat during job induced stress); you know what I am talking about.

The thing is after I finished two bags of cheese balls while calculating the operating expense of a specific department at say 10 PM on a Monday I felt shittier, and it’s because:

1) the numbers didn’t add up,
2) the snack after taste was blergh!
3) It’s Monday, 10PM.

One day I came home, turned on my TV and watched Olivia Pope handling people and I realized that:

1) She didn’t snack during work (even though she has a much stressed job that I am; she has to work with the love of her life aaaand his wife
2) When she snacks (after all she is a woman) she chooses wine. Well, isn’t that a good choice? A glass of red and combined with cheese will be a filling snack after a stressful day.


These days I am trying to do that, I cut down snacking at work, especially if it’s an unhealthy and when the numbers don’t add up even after an extra hour of calculating, I turn off the computer and go home to my wine, cheese and Scandal. I get it, cheese might not be appealing for your diet, and drinking wine every night might raise your partner’s eyebrow (I live with a toy cat so I could get away with it). What I am asking is, lets’ try to move to a healthier version of snacks and we might need to wait for a while to eat it but it will be worth it.

For me, the waiting time is paid off when I clinked my wine filled coffee mug onto Olivia’s wine glass on the screen.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope you can fit these tiny twerks into your life. I would love to hear how you feel post-twerking so drop a comment or better yet, share with us your own tiny twerk. GIRL POWER! Or something like that. Thanks for reading you guys.

Four Things Friday

Disclaimer: The words TWERK supposed to be read as TWEAK. Last year this time I wrote about the gorgeous Blue Mansion.

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  • I love burning candles! I try to burn them when I am working from home because it is pretty relaxing.

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