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Waving A Goodbye to Japan

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Today’s our last day in Japan and I am a little embarrassed to admit that I am looking forward to being home. Japan has been amazing with tons of new experiences, but I am also starting to miss the familiarity of my surroundings. Does that make sense? Am I being a princess right now?


In the morning we had breakfast at a nearby coffee shop called Doutor. Nice place, me likey. After that we went back to Asakusa, finally we could be there during daytime! It was packed with tourists from all over the place. There were so many trinkets to look at. I was at the souvenir heaven with Japanese subtitle. Actually, we came back so that I could get her phone back, Rach could get the praying amulet and I could stock up on my souvenirs. Wheee!

Next stop was Shibuya, one of the busiest shopping districts in Tokyo. I wasn’t impressed by it, especially after trying to find Hello Kitty stuff for two hours and failed. I was pissed enough to have a second serving of hot miso ramen. That calmed me down.

Drug Store Japan

Lastly, we stock up weird stuff from the drug stores everywhere, from weird flavor Kit Kats to questionable masks. We stopped only after we were really, really 110% we couldn’t fit anything anymore in our luggage.

We then went back to the hotel, packed our things while watching Japanese dubbed Sex and The City in the background and headed to the airport. Sayonara Japan, you have been great! Till we meet again.

Ps. I will write a detailed itinerary for you someday, but not today, you guys, I am exhausted.

Japan Ticket

Rain in Japan

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