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Very Good Morning From Kuta Bali

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It is 8AM here in Bali. I am sitting on our Kuta Sea View room’s terrace (free upgrade because the room we booked has no sea view as advertised, I don’t recommend this hotel). I am writing while enjoying the rain. We are going for breakfast soon, but Hulk hasn’t called me (for the second time) yet. I have been sleeping so well since we arrived. I am guessing its because the new like for hot stone massage which I have been getting everyday from a spa place nearby. It’s so nice relaxing and rejuvenating. Life is good.

Yesterday, we went to the same place we had breakfast on the first day. Bali Bakery. I went crazy over there on our first time after eating the chicken porridge and strawberry cheesecake. It was the best breakfast ever! We also went to GWK. This place’s understated!  I have never heard of it till yesterday, but it’s a beautiful spot worth to visit in Bali.

GWK Bali

We also watched the Barong dance, it wasn’t interesting, maybe because I don’t know the story. I actually pitied the dancer and musician, their faces seems.. hopeless. Yes, they did the dance with expressions, but with no hint of passion nor satisfaction. It reminded me of myself and many others while going to work or working. Most of us hardly work with passion, happily or get satisfaction from it. Oh, I should stop thinking about work while on holiday.

Barong dance Bali

Back to Bali, yesterday we also went souvenir shopping. I love getting something for everyone when I am on vacation, however small it is although it will make my saving account to have a minor breakdown which later will make me to experience the same thing and judging by the size of the bikini I got for myself, from a cute little shop called Queen Monkey (BFF’s recommendation) it’s diet time for both me and my bank account.

Have you been to Bali and Kuta before?

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