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Things I Was Not Prepared For In Korea

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Photo booth Seoul Korea

Let’s jump right to it, shall we?

1. Straight Guys With Make Up Guys

I knew Seoul would be filled with stylish people, but what I had in mind is nothing compared to what I saw.
On my first train train ride, I was sitting opposite of a guy who wore *what I assumed* eyeliner, and I had seen it a few times after that, two times when they were with their *what I assumed* girlfriends. Was it a trend? Were they letting this happen? Did my eyes play tricks with me, again and again?

2. Small towel

The towels they gave us in the hostels were 10inch long and I have been 5’6 ft. How was I supposed to cover even just the “essential parts” with it? I used to wash my face with this type of tea towel not cover my big ass. Meanwhile, my friends were smart, they brought their own towels. Damn! I tried to maneuver by wrapping myself with two towels, but then it didn’t cover the back side. The struggle was real you guys since I didn’t want to disguise my friends, I mean more than I had to.

3. Meal Cost

I had been told Japan was going to be expensive, so was Australia, but I was taken back by the food cost in Korea. It’s not that expensive, but I I really underestimated my budget. I set aside the money equivalent to Hong Kong food budget, thinking it would more or less be the same. Boy oh boy I was wrong. But in the food defense, it was really delicious.

4. No English

I am fully aware that it’s a privilege to be able to communicate in a common language traveling. Unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean at all and Korean doesn’t speak English that much, I also suspected Korean are reserved people. But English and shyness away, they were also the warmest people I have ever met. A part of me thinks they opened up because the took pity on me, due to my dark skin and fried hair.
Also, I could see they particularly enjoyed watching me eating raw octopus.

5. Korean Subway

Korean subway made me want to cry. Felt like it was more complicated than Tokyo. Or was it because have become stupider? Even the exits were complicated and I live in Singapore featuring MRT with exit from A-I. I am sure I would have been lost every single time without my friends.
With all these, if you ask me whether I would want to visit Korean again? The answer is, yes, in a heart beat! I could see myself writing my days away in different coffee shops all round Korea, but next time I would bring my own towel.

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