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Korea Itinerary – Part 1 of 2 : Seoul-tastic

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I mentioned here about preparing Korea itinerary a long time ago. I am sorry that it took me 520 days since I left South Korea to finally do it. This week, I will post all things Korea, similar to all things Dubai last week. The first part of the one week Korea Itinerary will cover three whole days in its capital city, Seoul, a striving metropolis. I hope it will be entertaining and useful for you. Happy reading!

Day 1 -Hwan-yeong to Seoul, let’s go to Myeong-Deong

But first, coffee.

Coffeeshop Seoul Korea

Korea is caught up on coffee trend and they are doing it in style and delicious-ly. It’s where you should build, or in my case, satisfy all your kinks for coffee. And it’s only fair to do it right after you land. Don’t go for your regular iced latte. There are an abundance of choices including pumpkin, sweet potato or black bean latte. All are very yummy, trust me!


If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet. I am highly recommending Myeong-deong area. I have seen many hotels and hostels around, it will be very convenient for you. Now, Myeonng-Don is the main shopping district in Seoul. It has everything you ever wish for, from electronic, fashion, food and cat cafes.

It’s best to allocate a full day here, preferably not on the weekend, to explore around and score a good bargain on skin care products. A unique shopping experience here is that the sellers will stand in front of the store offering you lots of samples of the products as long as you get inside the store. And you will get more of that samples if you buy something from the store. My advice is not to bring any skincare from your home because free products people.

Day 2 – Insadong, Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok


Insa-dong is the art district of Seoul. It’s filled with galleries, street art and of course, coffee shops. You must visit Ssamziegil In the heart of Insa-dong, the four story building is packed with all things cute. On the roof there is a coffee shop not to be missed, they served good coffee and it has a fantastic view of the city. You also could find the Korean version of love locks here, which instead of a lock, they use around and pink luggage tag like thingy. More pictures of Insa-dong.

Another thing not to be missed here is the tea house. Insa-dong is my favorite place in Seoul. Everything is just so pretty, yummy and colorful.


Later in the afternoon you must head out to Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s a unique historical ground right in the middle of the city, facing high office buildings. I have written about it before. Don’t skip the palace. It’s gorgeous any time of the year.

Lastly, walk to the cultural village near by, Bukchon Hanok. Home to hundreds of Hanok, the traditional houses. You can easily spend a few good hours here. There are  little shops, coffee shops and restaurant.

Day 3 – Noryangjin Fish Market and University Quarters


Fish markets in South Korea are one of the main tourist attractions, and why wouldn’t they be? Other than the disturbance to your nose, it’s a feast. Visit the Noryangjin fish market a couple hours before lunch time so you get to explore the area and be amazed by all the sea creatures fr0m this part of the world. Afterwards, have lunch at one of the restaurants there. Be sure to order Sannakji aka live octopus tentacles and eat it. It will be terrifying at first, questionable and lastly satisfying.


On the last day in Seoul, let’s visit the university quarters. Start with Ehwa Women University shopping district, also known as fashion street. This is going to be another shopping adventure. Row and row of stores selling the cutest stuff ever! Also, don’t forget to make a pit stop every two hours at the coffee shop. Try to contain your jealousy when you explored the university ground because OHMIGOD, it’s AMAZIIIIING! If I had been there a decade earlier, I would learn Korean in 3 months, begged my parents to send me there and lived the eastern version of Gossip Girls life minus all the drama (I think). And it wasn’t only me, Yin had the same thought. Maybe we should do it now Yin? Is there any field of study that you are interested in?

Unlike the photo booth in the west, here in Asia the sticker version which can be decorated is the most famous one. Don’t forget to go inside photo booth shops which are spread all over Seoul shopping district and go wild. This can be a memorable, easy and cheap personal souvenir. I still have the one we took stuck on my MacBook. Every time I look at it, I feel happy, silly but mostly blessed.

Lastly, head down to Hongdae, another university district. A more famous one, but buy know you should have stopped shopping because hello, you have the whole day today to get skin care which will last you for a year at least. Hongdae also has many restaurants and bars. Sneak into one, order the famous Dak Bulgogi aka BBQ fried chicken. Ask for extra sauce, the greasier the better. And wash it all down with a bottle of delicious Soju.

Recipe for Korean BBQ chicken and here. Try it, I promise you will love the taste. Yum yum!

Now that you have had three days of BEST TIME EVER! Time to head back to your hotel, or hostel, depending on how much is your total budget and how much do you allocate to skin care shopping alone.


I can’t say whether three whole days are enough to cover Seoul. It felt like there is always something new to do and to enjoy while staying in Seoul. I personally could and would visit every coffee shop in the city, one or twice a day and be happy with it. So yeah, the only bad thing about going to Seoul is that you would want to live there instead of going back. Thank God, you will be taking a train to Busan tomorrow. Be ready for the part 2.

Seoul is a great city to visit and to stay. If you need more proof read Bri’s stories on Chai & Bri, which was one of the reasons which inspired me to travel there. What inspires you to travel to a new place? A book, movie, blog or something else?

Thanks for reading you guys, check the blog again on Tuesday for the second part. It covers both Busan and Jeju, which adds up to a week of Korea Itinerary one week.

Ps. To the lovely readers who left comments and reminded me that someone actually read my blog, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I am sorry if I haven’t replied to your comments, I will do it soon, promise.

Pps. Have you guys watched Minions and The Inside Out? Please do, it’s hilarious, good for our souls.

Ppps. Read Japan itinerary part 1 and part 2.

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