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Korea Itinerary – Part 2 of 2: Busan & Jeju

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Whenever a friend asks me about South Korea, my answer is “It’s the Silicon Valley of Asia, but with more coffee shops“. I had forgotten how much fun I was having there until I looked through the pictures I took when I wrote Korea itinerary part 1. This is one of the reasons I keep a blog, to relive the memories and a reminder to be grateful for life.

As a continuation of your 1 week Korea itinerary here goes day 4 to 7ish.

Day 4 – Train to Busan, Check In, Coffee and Spa

Korail Korea Rail

The best way to travel from Seoul to Busan is by train. Why? Well, because it’s a train, you guys!! Putting my train obsession aside, KTX was one of the best train rides I have ever taken. The 3 hour journey has a fantastic view, especially during winter, it’s fast and what’s even faster is the internet on board. Yes, this train has high-speed wifi, which not even Japan’s Shinkansen provided. Bravo KTX and  you get extra brownie points for having a vending machine inside.

Once you reached Busan, you would want to check into one the many hostels there. Hostels are pretty happening in Korea and personally I think you will more fun here than in staying in fancy hotels.

Next stop, the coffee shop. Must visit many cool coffee shops.

On your first and all consecutive nights here, I recommend one thing and one thing only, visit Spa Land. Go there, get naked (or don’t), eat eggs and get uber relax. Read more about it, old post about getting naked in front of a hundred women. If there is only one thing you want to do in Busan, let it be this. From here, grab a nice dinner and head back to your hostel and watch a movie screening in rec room.


Day 5 – Jagalchi Fish Market and Gamcheon Cultural Village


I know, it seems like I am an advocate of fish markets, but the Jagalchi fish market in Busan is one of the top 5 fish markets in the world, which is a good enough reason to visit. If that doesn’t convince you, why not go there for lunch? Because man, if you love seafood, you ain’t getting a fresher version on your plate. And the choices! Abundance of choices, including the weird ones. Go crazy, I say.

After lunch, go straight to the Gamcheon cultural village. It’s the most colorful “town” I have ever laid my eyes on, which is why it’s called the Santorini of Korea. Every single house is painted in different colors, some even come with murals and unique design. You can spend the whole afternoon browsing around the village. And as you might have guessed, there are plenty food stalls and coffee shops here. I have lots of colorful pictures taken here. Maybe I will write a photo diary of the village so I can share the gorgeous murals and quirky statues sighting with you. Would you want that?

Once you have soaked in the “rainbowness“, head back to downtown for a nice meal before another spa day, because I so know, once you tried it, you will want to come back again.


Day 6 – Haeundae beach and Yonggungsa Temple


On your last day in Busan, head down to Haeundae, the most popular beach in South Korea. If you go in the morning, it will less crowded and you can enjoy this simple beauty in life even more. There are festivals throughout the year here. Check out it out so you can time your visit.


There are a few famous temples to visit in Busan. I recommend to visit at least one of it to get the sneak peak of the spiritual side of Korean culture. We chose Yonggungsa mostly because the area. Located along the coast made the temple looked like a part of the sea. The best time to visit the temple is in April, during cherry blossom season.

As this is your last day in Busan, enjoy the rest of the day in any way you wish. People also recommend to see the Gwanggalli bridge at night and eat at one of the many restaurants in the area or if you are not yet done with stocking up skin care products, head down to Busan National University district and shop your heart out.

As for us, we stayed in the hotel and caught up with some work so the next day when we moved to Jeju Island, we could worry less about pending tasks, email and whatnots in the office; after all it’s going to be a weekend.


Day 7 – Jeju Island

I have written a complete guide of spending the weekend in Jeju Island here. You guys, all I can say is do.not. skip this gorgeous island. It’s a little piece of caffienated heaven.

Thanks for reading you guys! Let me know if you are visiting Korea soon and also, whether the itinerary has been useful.

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