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Korea Coffee Shops (Part 1)

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During our flight to Korea, I ordered tea, assuming I’ll get the Korean version of green tea; instead they gave me a generic brand of South East Asian black tea. “That’s weird”, I thought, but then again we took a budget airline. It’s good enough that they gave me something to drink for free instead of charging four times of the normal price.

Only after being inSeoul for less than 24 hours I realized, Korean drink coffee, lots and lots of delicious coffee. Even though they do drink tea; we had rice tea for breakfast every morning at the guest house; once we stepped outside we saw a coffee shop in practically every corner!! Kinda like Starbucks in Philadelphia, but in here they have interesting themes.

Korea has adapted owned the coffee culture, and we loved it. We spent a big chuck of our time in Seoul hanging out at the coffee shops; chit chatting, sharing girly moments and asking people to take our pictures. Must enforce tourist stereotype.

 And my favorite coffee shops in Seoul among many that we went to are..

1. hara donuts

The first coffee shop we went to on our first morning in Seoul. Vi was still recouping from yesterday travel and late night out, but I was ready to concur Myeong-dong. I saw this place, saw the donuts and immediately dragged Yin inside. Those little holed sugary treats were calling my name, and I believe nobody should walk away from a foreign donut!

Nara Donut Seoul

It was a popular little shop with an adorable logo. We had to queue to order and managed to grab the last seats available upstairs. We had a long due quality time; we talked about boys, toys and hos.

It’s a perfect pit stop after (or in our case before) a day of shopping Myeong-dong. Order the donuts, whatever flavor, it’s all good. Yin would have agreed with me.

2. Ddoong Café

Geez, what a name! In spite it’s name, Ddo-ong was the celebrity among all the coffee shops I visited in Korea.  The it café in Seoul and my book. They got it all right. Located on the top floor of Ssamziegil, the buoyant neighborhood of Insa-dong. They clearly understand the importance of location.

Ddo-ong Cafe Insa-Dong

My first though when I saw it, was that Hulk would love this place. It was nicely decorated with top to floor glass windows. It felt fanciful to look at the snow from the inside.

We came here to have a breakfast; each ordered cake and coffee.

You guys, meet the nicest blueberry cheesecake in the whole world, and I would know as I made it my personal mission to find it. When are Ddo-onging, eat the cheesecake on my behalf me will you?

Blueberry Cheesecake

3. Gahoe Han Kyung

It was snowing heavily when we reached Bukchon Hanok village. We needed a shelter, that’s when we saw Gahoe Han Kyung. I warned Yin that it was a gallery, but she already went in and I followed her. Inside, we were greeted by a (heated) traditional Korean house themed coffee shop. I was grateful and more so when I saw a sugary looking orange thingy.

Bukchon Hanok Village

Korea Traditional Dessert

Yep, I was right, it’s the traditional dessert. We ordered that, of course; coffee and tea, which came with pumpkin seeds. So yummy! A recommended stop near Gyeongbok Palace.

4. Insa-Dong, Ppong Da Bang

This last one wasn’t a coffee shop, but it’s my most favorite place and I want to share it with you. It was a teahouse visited by Vi last time she visited Korea.

Insa-dong Tea House

ppong da bang teahouse

She made an effort to find it because she wanted to take us there and I am glad she did. The place was quirky! We spent hours here being completely in love with everything. It’s filled with childhood stuff, drawings, board games, and fun novelty stuff that my brain almost exploded out of excitement.

Vi you get me right. Thank you for taking me to this quirky little place.

Ppong Da Bang

And that’s that for my Four Things Friday this Friday. I am off to get a dessert and coffee combo. Thank you for reading.

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  • I love trying out new coffee shops and this looks like a great selection! I will have to visit them if I ever go to Korea! Plus that blueberry cheesecake looks and sounds divine!

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by 🙂 I swear it’s the BESTEST cheesecake I have tried. So damn yummy!

  • Do you know what that traditional dessert is called? I used to eat them all the time when I lived in Korea, but never had a fresh one. I would always buy the mini packs of them from Family Mart…they were so tasty!


    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Lisa, unfortunately i was too busy eating it to ask (agreed — it’s so tasty!!) but I think @brianaprice:disqus can help us with it? She is a frequent visitor of Seoul.

  • Can you believe that I haven’t made it to any of those? They have all been added to my list though! I have loved seeing Seoul through your eyes! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Bri it’s kinda possible! Seoul is filled with SO MANY coffee shops!! I wish I could have gone to more 🙁 Please enjoy it on my behalf.

  • I love cafes in Seoul! They’re so cute and cozy. When my friend and I took breaks at cafes, I never wanted to leave (partly because it was winter and it was too cold outside). The blueberry cheesecake looks soooo delicious and pretty. If I make it back to Insadong, I have to stop at that place.

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