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Korea Coffee Shops (Part 2)

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Hi you guys, I am writing to you from a moving bus. I am on a school trip. Well.. kinda, instead of school it was work and instead of with my friends it was with my colleagues. Geez, I hope I don’t poison anyone “by accident”. We are on our way back from Ipoh, Malaysia, for a short company getaway.

Coffee Shop Korea

It’s past midnight now and we have seven hours to kill or sleep, but all I could think about now is a cup of coffee and then I remembered, I owe you a posting about the Korea coffee shop! I almost, almost, forget about it, you know my memory sucks which was why I started this blog in the first place, yada yada..

I figure you must have had enough with Seoul coffee shops already (tell me if you don’t!), so this time, I will share  about the coffee shops we went in Busan and Jeju instead.



One morning in Busan, I found myself alone. Yin was recovering from her sickness and Vi had office emails to attend to. They both decided to stay in the guesthouse so I ventured out to the Hongdae beach neighborhood by myself. I walked to the Hongdae beach, the most famous beach in Korea, but there was some major construction going on and I was too lazy to walk much further. I sat on the sand enjoying the morning horizon, talked to some birds, took a couple of necessary wind-is-blowing-and-my-hair-looked-ahmazing selfies and walked my way back to the guesthouse. On the way, I had to stop at the Latte King because not because I craved for a coffee, I had it earlier in the hostel, but because I had to. Because of the king is a cat. Who doesn’t want to have a cat as the king?!! I ordered a cappuccino and dwell on my thoughts. I still had three fourth of my holiday in front of me and it felt super nice.

Latte King Hongdae

I gave the Latte King a nod before leaving the place, wondering how would it feel to have everything in the world, a crown and a latte named after you.

 dal.komm COFFEE

dal.komm coffee

We found this coffee shop by accident in Busan. It was a music themed coffee shop inside a shopping mall, obviously not my cup of tea or coffee for that matter, but there was a reason I wanted to try this place so bad that I practically dragged my besties here, right after lunch (my bad!). It’s the cubes, the coffee cubes. The coffee is the cube you guys! It was a revolutionary! At least for me, don’t tell me that you have taken your coffee in cubes for sometime now.

Veloin Coffee

Veloin Coffee

We roamed around the streets of Jeju Island on a chilly night after polishing the black pig dish. Sometime after that we stopped at this place, best described as a one stop coffee shop. It has a waterfall, Japanese tatami seating, bicycle, swing chairs, internet café section, fashion magazines, and Instax pictures of the customers among others. I had been hoping the staff would offer to take the picture of us, it never happened, it doesn’t work that way I guess. They offered so many choices of drinks and with a wide variety of crowds you can come here every day for a month and never get bored.

I saved the best for last, my most favorite coffee shop in Korea is

Hi & Bye

We discovered Hi & Bye on our last day in Jeju when we went to Wangjung-ri, one of the many seaside areas of the island. There were a few coffee shops nearby, but Yin chose this one so in we went. It looked small downstairs with yummy cakes on display and an entire wall covered with chalk writings of happy customers. After we made our orders we went up, it was a much bigger space upstairs with seating place both inside and outside. The inside had a whimsical touch while sitting outside was a panoramic treat.

Hi & Bye Jeju Island

Hi & Bye Jeju

I’m super in love with this place and would love to spend my time here for days even weeks! Just to write and enjoy the view and the drinks. Our order came. Mine was a cookie and cream latte, it came with rainbow sprinkles and oreo crumbles. I swear you guys, it’s the bestest warm drink, I ever had in my entire life. Sipping it gave a combined feeling of waking up on a rainy day only to realize it’s a weekend+sunshine on the autumn+getting Christmas gift even though you don’t celebrate Christmas. All in one cup. Gawd, I can’t stop thinking about it now!

You know, it might be because I had been pampered with Ipoh famous white coffee. Do you think they might serve food on the bus? I mean it’s also a public transport no? Since it’s a seven hour journey, maybe there is a chance? Like 19%?

Four Things Friday

I’m linking up on Treat Yo Self Thursday because a cup of jo is a treat my friend. Write to you when I am back, meanwhile check out the first part of the Korea coffee shop.

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