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Cat Rice & Carchoal Coffee aka Kopi Joss in Yogyakarta

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Happy International Women Day to all the fabulous women in my life. I want to mention each one of you here, but then it’s just going a bunch of initials, sometimes repeated (I have three SSs in my life who I love dearly) which might even confuse the SSs to read. Thank you for being awe-inspiring ladies!

House of Raminten

Speaking of women I adore, my office friends (why yes, they are more of friends than colleagues) told me to go to House of Raminten while in Yogyakarta. Their actual advise was “you must try the virgin milk in the House of Raminten!”. Virgin milk? Err.. okay.

The restaurant was not hard to find, it’s almost a walking distance from the hotel we stayed, though we paid $1 taxi fare to get there. We were greeted by the picture above. She’s the Raminten. A drag queen character from a local TV show. I think, I might be wrong, but that’s what I gathered from my cousin who’s a local. We had to wait for a half hour to get in, the place was packed even at almost midnight.

nasi kucing

In Jakarta, I have been begging my family to take me eat nasi kucing, translated literally as “cat rice”. They didn’t understand my fascination towards the “cat rice. “It’s just a mini sized meal, the size you feed to the cat”, they explained. It didn’t matter, I was curious, I still wanted to try it, but they never did take me. In their defense, they have taken me to eat plenty of other type of food.

In Yogyakarta, I finally got to try it. Nasi Kucing, or Sego Kucing as the locals called it, aka “cat rice” was exactly what they told me, a mini sized meal. It contained a small portion of rice (in the picture above, I asked for an extra serving), a bit of 7 pieces of stir fried tempeh, 10 pieces of chili anchovy and a pinch of sambal.

tempe mendoan

We also ordered Tempe (tempeh) Mendoan. Eaten while it’s still hot, together with a small bite of chili padi, usually during tea time. This snack is famous all over Java. We have it rather regularly in the office, usually right after the office hours to gear up to do some overtime. There were even times when we served this to the foreign colleagues during regional meetings.

Susu perawan tancep

Lastly, from the House of Raminten before we went back to the vintage hotel we were staying, Susu Perawan Tancep (literal translation: the virgin milk) served in boobs. It contained milk (of course) and some local herbs. The taste is not unlike masala tea. I didn’t like it, but my cousin did. To each his own boobs I guess..

An honorable mention

kopi joss

Guess what is this? It’s a cup of charcoal coffee aka Kopi Joss as the local fondly called it. What is a charcoal coffee, you asked? Why, it’s exactly that, a cup of coffee with pieces of hot charcoals inside. Why would they do that? To lower the caffeine level, which helps to cure minor stomach issues, they said.

I think it might also have to do to keep the coffee warm.

We ordered a glass and shared between us on a rainy night while sitting and eating another round of “cat rice” at the famous road side food stall called Angkringan Lek Man. The coffee tasted okay, not as bad as it looked, kinda like chocolate milk.

Btw, we spent less than $1 each for a mini meal and a drink. That’s the beauty of the road side food stall aka angkringan in Yogykarta. I urge you to try the “cat rice” and Kopi Joss whenever you visit the city.

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