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4TF: Khmer Cuisine

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Khmer Cuisine

(A disclaimer: the above picture has very little to do with the below post, except that I also had it in Cambodia).

After we booked Cambodia ticket, I did what I usually do. I checked what should we eat there, the local delicacy or tourists’ favorite. I do this whenever I travel; I have asked recommendation for the best bubble tea in Taiwan, googled the best Udon in Japan and texted a friend of the best egg tart shop in Hong Kong. Honestly, I have said “the best coffee/bun/pasta in the city” way too many times that my travel companions are kinda tired of it (kinda only because it’s would at least turn out to be very good if not the best).

I typed Cambodia food blog and read some awesome blogs dedicating the love of Khmer food, but it wasn’t appealing for my taste bud. Maybe food in Cambodia is not the type that I would I enjoy, I thought and closed the browser after the first page search.

I am here today to admit my ignorance. Angelina Jolie may not eat much in Tomb Raider with all the fighting and being sexy business, but I did. And it was good. Really good.

1. Khmer BorBor – Rice Porridge


Admittedly, this porridge didn’t look appealing and it might raise eyebrows upon seeing the mix of it: salted fish and dried prawns, but I swear it’s freaking delicious. A good way to start your temple exploring day or in my case, a great way to snap out of feeling high from eating happy pizza twelve hours before.

2. Prahok Ktish 


We had this dish at the fancy Chanrey Tree. It’s a Cambodian delicacy of fermented fish, pork, thinly sliced river fish braised with coconut cream, baby eggplant and served with blanched vegetable crudites. Thicker than stew, the way to eat it is to mix it with the vegetables served on the side and rice. It’s rich in flavor yet refreshing. A shout out to Chanrey Tree for giving the best first class customer treatment. I am highly recommending this restaurant, especially for its service. The waiters were so attentive the only thing they didn’t do was to actually put the food in our mouth, but I have a feeling they would also do if asked.

3. Aromatic Kroeung covered Mekong Catfish


This was our first meal in Cambodia. Catfish is a daily staple here in Cambodia with so many ways of cooking it. We had this grilled fish with mango salad on the side. A perfect combination. Yumm!!

4. Fish Amok

Fish Amok

A friend told me to try the amok and I am glad she did, otherwise I would miss such a unique dish. I have had a good share of food around the globe *thank you F&B God*, I can make the connection between Sichuan dish with Indian cuisine or a Middle East meal with the Javanese yellow rice, but nothing I have eaten come close to a Khmer amok. It is steamed curried fish, another traditional dish  of Cambodian cuisine, coated in a thick coconut milk and spices, either steamed or baked in a cup made from banana leaves. It’s coconut-ely delicious.

With this yummy Khmer cuisine induced travel I have concluded that any place we go, there will always be something nice ready to be eaten. We just have to keep our mind open, it might even be weird, but weird can be nice too you guys.

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