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Blogmas Day 9: Kawaii Box Christmas Giveaway

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Update: You guys, we choose a winner randomly for the Christmas giveaway and it’s.. Silvia Z. I have contacted Silvia and she will be getting her Kawaii box soon. Thank you very much for participating. I had fun hosting the giveaway 🙂

Happy almost Christmas you guys! I am on my 9th Blogmas post this year and I have hopes that I will make it until the 25th. Today, we finally revealed our secret Santa and exchanged gifts in the office. I guess there’s an adrenaline rush connected to opening a gift box because I felt so much joy, both when I opened my gift and when I saw my gift being opened.

Speaking of gift box, some time ago, on a day I didn’t feel particularly good about myself, I got (not one, but) two subscription services. One of it was Kawaii Box. It’s a monthly box filled with at least 10 random uber cute stuff shipped worldwide for $18.90. That’s like less than $2 per item, including shipping cost. Sign me up stat, sign me immediately. Sign up I did.

Last week, I got my second box in the mail. Let’s take a peek on what’s inside.

Christmas Card

Christmas card. I just told Che recently that it’s so hard to find affordable and cute Christmas here in Jakarta and viola my complaint has been answered. Not sure whether I am going to write on this card though, since the white mustache Santa looks so adorable. Can I keep it for myself, please?

Fruit hair clip

Fruit hair pins. OMJJJ! These are the cutest hair pins ever. Each of my nieces is getting one, including one who just had her head shaved.


Bunny canvas pouch and Wellington boot pen. This is one multi use pouch. At first I wanted to keep my single post card collection inside it, but then I changed my mind and used it as a “gift wrap” for one of my Christmas presents. I am sure the person will love the packaging.

As for the pen, this is the second time I got a pen from the Kawaii box. First one in the shape of lollipop and now this. Both are too cute for daily usage. What should I do with these pens??

IMG_1161 (1)

Cute Christmas Puffy Stickers. As I mentioned earlier, I find it damn hard to find ANY Christmas postcard here in Jakarta. I was weighing down the ups and downs of sending Shanghai themed Christmas card this year when they idea struck. Since I got a set of Christmas themed soft stickers, why not use that creatively? I don’t know about the creative part, but these postcards look a lot more festive now thanks to these stickers.

Kawaii keychain

Harajuku bag charm and squishy emoticon soft bread charm. Colorful, with a hanging rainbow, this Harajuku charm is my most favorite item from this month’s box. It’s now hanging on my bedroom window as a contemporary and joyful wind chime.

The emoticon bread is pretty soft and squishy indeed.
2016 Calendar

Kawaii 2016 desk calendar. Oh man, this box brought things I truly needed. I am quite particular about my work calendar. It has to have boxes on each day so I can write stuff on it, it should stand and lastly, it should be fun to look at. I have had Gilbert and Simpsons calendar in the past and I am pretty psyched to have cute animals companying me at work in 2016.

I also got a colorful set of Nora Band highlighter. This too will be kept in my office drawer.


Strawberry Pocky Biscuit. Confession, I am a chocolate Pocky addict. I eat it all the time, two at a time, and only the part covered with chocolate. This was my first time trying the strawberry one. The verdict? It’s nice! Less sweet than chocolate, but still fun to eat. At the end I and Santa (not from the box) had to share it.

Kawaii Foreign Geek

Kawaii Beans Plush Charm. I have no idea what’s the use of this stuff, but believe me when I say it’s pretty amusing. I spent an embarrassing amount of time, zip and unzipping it, and playing peek-a-boo with the “beans” inside, who I named Bini, Bono, Banana.

Kawaii Box

That’s all for today Blogmas, you guys. Thanks for reading, but before you go, I want to share a chance to win the cutest giveaway ever.

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If you are interested to receive the next Kawaii box for FREE (who wouldn’t want to get 10-12 cute items delivered to their doorstep) please participate in the Christmas giveaway Kawaii Box Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The closing date is Sunday, 10th Jan 2016.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Merry Christmas to you too!

    • Foreign Geek

      Merry Christmas Melissa 🙂

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