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Karma Link : Inspiration Edition

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Ciao Bella & Gelato,

It’s June! Instead of yapping five months has gone by and I have nothing to brag about, yada yada.. I am going to do something about it this month. I plan to take a skill share class about something that interests me like discussing SCANDAL TV show minute by minute, online wine tasting or blog designing. Something good that inspires and provides microscopic growth in my life. That’s why I am ending this month with Karma Link filled with inspiration:

  • Firstly, I was nominated for the Liebster Award, Wheee!! And I am nominating you for it. It comes with a gorgeous scarf for one randomly chosen nominee who links back.
  • Feeling so inspired by Kolbi’s Mood Board for a month of blogging, I want one of those. Also, he wrote about being a guy blogger, which is mind opening. I only follow a handful of male bloggers for a sole reason that they don’t have enough pink on their blog, but for Kolbi, I am making an exception.
  • Traveling to Japan for the first time? Check out these itineraries.
  • Leo Babatua wrote about turning inspiration into action. I just did number 1 in the beginning of this post.
  • You know, it’s one of my dreams to attend a Blog Academy class. I LOVE all three headmistresses! This time, Shauna shared a valuable lesson, Blog Manifesto, to define our blog and blogging further. Cool! I will try to come up with something this weekend. Come and join me, post yours in the comment below.
  • I love it when a blogger who has a perfect life share about the imperfection of it perfectly while still being perfect.
  • I have the pleasure of reading Alexandra Franzen’s blog recently, and WOW!! Isn’t she so inspiring?!!! I love everything she writes. Her latest one was about creating a miracle instead of writing a blog post. Inspiration meter charged to 100%.
  • Meet my BFF, who helped to mold me into becoming who I am now and I kinda like myself.
  • I recently answered a question about how travel has changed me and I loved the way Laura describe the blank page effect of it on her.
  • Facing a blogger’s brick? Why not write a blog karma link like this or follow Erika’s When In Doubt, Be Helpful. Another way to fight writer’s block, write while standing.
  • How about some fashion inspiration? Apparently Olivia Pope doesn’t wear that much white (I knew this before, but the skirt wearing = time traveling part got my attention).
  • A special shout out for Singapore bloggers (expat, local, just stopping by-ers) JOIN US for a MeetUp soon.

Do you feel at least a teeny tiny bit inspired? I surely hope so. Thanks for reading and come back this month for Cambodia travel stories and ways to attract money into your life that doesn’t include hard work (geez, I sound like a forex broker).

Ps. I changed the name for this monthly linkup to Karma Link, in the hope of spreading more good blog things.

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