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Karma Link: Halloween Edition

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Boo Last year I celebrated Halloween at Universal Studio Singapore with my friends. The theme was The Evil Sisters. Maiden of the Opera, Daughter of the Undead and Crone of the Forest together were the main characters on that night, together with supporting vampires, ghosts and whatnot.  It was scary shit of an event, I almost peed on my pants half of the time we were there. But now, still alive with no visible vampire bite marks, I am glad I went there. It was one of my most memorable Halloween celebrations ever.

This year, I am keeping it low key, as low as raiding my mom secret stash of candies (yes, she really has it and no, I don’t know who she is hiding it from) and eating it in front of the TV. Sugar rush and scary movie marathon is the theme. It’s okay, I am good, this will do for this year. Let’s jump to the Halloween edition link love shall we?

  • Who doesn’t want an extra good luck in their days? Check out this everyday good luck spell. Let me know the result after you try it.
  • The wittiest Halloween costume (one night stand is my favorite!) and the ones that fail.
  • If you haven’t done anything for Halloween yet, but want to (like me), how about these super cute easy to make fridge magnets? It’s versatile too.
  • Or bake this Glamorous Witch Cupcake. It looks fabulous and yum (^^). Send one or a dozen for me!
  • Speaking of witches, you can stay in a Hogwarts themed hotel in London. When I visit London, I am going to adjust my travel date accordingly just so I can stay here. While at it, I’ll take the BB bakery bus tour that serves afternoon tea.
  • Have you ever taken a Harry Potter character quiz before? I am always Luna Lovegood, which I don’t agree entirely. I prefer to think that there’s an unmentioned character in Hogwarts that truly shares my traits and values. In short, I wish that I was a student of Hogwarts.
  • As a student there, I again think I wouldn’t fit into the main four houses, instead I would belong to GRYFFINCLAW.
Via: http://hilian.dreamwidth.org/1333.html
Via: http://hilian.dreamwidth.org/1333.html
  • Still about castles, an Australian couple bought a chateau in France and started a blog about it.
  • Have you ever joined a ghost tour before? I was toying with the idea when we were in Melbourne but didn’t have the gut to do it at the end.

This month I didn’t travel anywhere. Instead, I stayed home, took IELTS test, celebrated Diwali with family, wished Yin a happy birthday and published a number posts from my draft folder, including my birthday and 30 things about 30 rock post. Next month I am gonna be traveling with my cousins and drink copious amount of Glühwein, more details tomorrow.


How about you? What did you do for this year Halloween? What’s your most memorable Halloween ever?

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