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Karma Link: July Edition

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Hi bloggers, readers and blog readers,

Karma Link

I have been drafting-deleting-drafting-deleting-drafting the intro for this post. I, not the blog, am going under some major changes in life. Major MAJOR, eeep!! I’m scared and excited and emotional most of times these days. It feels like I am experiencing the pregnancy hormone without being pregnant, or maybe this just means I am growing up?

Anyways, about the changes, I am still in the midst of processing it, so sticking to my true self, I’ll update it here on the very last minute. Now, this month I have collected random stuff from everywhere online, enjoy:

  • A sunken city in China, famously called Atlantis of the East, Shicheng is well preserved. The pictures of it are breathtaking, but not sure whether I am brave enough to dive that deep though.
  • I have become the short hair‘s advocate because short hair = awesome sauce.
  • Have you heard of Bechdel test before? I was surprised the last Harry Potter movie didn’t make the cut 🙁 I am also interested to see whether I can adapt it into the real life. Like, whether my girlfriends and I could have a conversation in one seating without mentioning any man at all.
  • Xandra, one of my most favorite bloggers, started a new project Heroine In Training. It will empower us to be heroines in our own lives. Check out the first lesson about keeping a personal journal, which has become my mid year resolution.
  • Nail polish VENDING MACHINE. I die!
  • You know how much I love Disneyland (I mentioned it here, here and here) including especially the gift shop. If you are like me and you need your Mickey fix, check out this store, or better yet check out they omgsocuteineedtogetitnow Minnie bag. I could hear Monica’s voice “I’ll wear it all the time“.
  • Best writing advice ever.
  • World’s coolest bookstores. I regret for skipping the one in Netherland.
  • Travel milestones. Which one have you crossed off?

This month I:

Next month I:

  • Planning to write a shorter (but frequent) post which I named Silly Snippet.
  • Might go on an epic journey. If the visa thingy works out.
  • Going to find out where can I get and eat Hyderabadi briyani here in Singapore (It’s now has become an unfulfilled obsession). Local friends any suggestion?
  • Making big changes.

Alright, Hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did. Stay excited!

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  • hi there! found you through #radicalselflovejuly and am loving your blog style and ideas. I like the Heroine in Training link and look forward to see what new lessons Xandra reveals. 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      Esther, thank you very very much for the kind words. Yay for #girlpower 🙂 I am hoping over to your blog to say Hi.

  • Rima Sagala

    i am hoping this big epic journey is America. hahahaha…

    • Foreign Geek

      I WISH! but no, we might be heading down south. I need another year to save and prepare myself for America krn maunya sekalian beberapa bulan disana (a girl can dream!)

  • Xandra | Fashionably Light ★

    Thank you for sharing Heroine Training! That Bechdel test is crazy…yeaaah Barbie Pearl Princess!

    • Foreign Geek

      My pleasure Xandra 🙂

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