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We Are Going To Japan!!

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Japan Desktop

A week to go.. I am so excited!!

Japan has always been on the top of my must visit and to live in country. Started from the history lesson and my fascination for just kept growing it. The culture, the food and the people, everything about Japan started to get interesting. Since then, I have had my first Bento, sushi, video game, comics, anime even language class.

When I got this year’s diary in December last year, I marked a full page in October which was supposed to be a day I will be in Japan. It was a completely random choice ten months ago and  I never referred to it until recently. Until we booked everything, it turns out that I  will be in Japan on the day that I marked! Wheeee for attracting things I want.

We are flying by Delta Air and will touch down at Narita past noon. The visa part took a bit of an effort, figuring out what was a 2×2 size,  getting an employment letter which confirms that yes, I will be going from 29 Sep to 7 Oct and yes, I will be using my own money. Finally, four trips later (one time because my documents were not complete another time was because I forgot about the S$47), I got my visa. Phew!

I have been reading and browsing endlessly on what to do, what to see, what to wear and what’s happening over there during that week.

After a long email thread, hours of discussion and a failed group chat, we decided to squeeze Tokyo – Kyoto – Koyasan – Tokyo into our 9 day trip, which includes a day trip to mount Fuji. We will be staying at four different types of accommodation: a ryokan near Akihabara, a functional hotel in Kyoto, a temple lodging in Koyasan and finally another hotel in Tokyo in Shinjuku area. We chose two different places to stay in Tokyo so we could enjoy two different areas. We also got our Japan Rail Pass yesterday, thanks to a blogger, travelista who suggested it.

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