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Love thy iPad

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Seoul to Busan Train

Hi you guys, I am writing on the train from Seoul to Busan. My friends are sleeping and I am trying not to. Seoul-Busan way is covered with beautiful snow blanket, I don’t want to miss it but it’s kinda hard to stay awake since it has an uber calming effect (maybe instead of the beach sound we should invest of snow painting). I will write to you, that way I can also  enjoy the snow.

We left Seoul this morning and I kinda wish we have more time there. Three nights were not enough for Seoul. There are still many things to see, coffee shops to chill out at and beauty freebies to get. I consoled myself that at least we have covered all the important ones. Vi did her shopping at Myeong-dong, Yin got to see the palace and I went to Ssamziegil. The only thing that I didn’t get the chance to do was to meet Bri from Chai &Bri. We planned to meet up but unfortunately it didn’t happen. It would be a tots neat if we had, maybe next time hu Bri?

iPad in Train
Photo Credit : Taken by my bestie candidly. Good one Yin !!

Btw, I haven’t update you on my last weekly wish; to write a new reader page on this blog. I failed you guys. I didn’t even write a SINGLE sentence. The thing is I am not a Mindy Kaling*, nor is my blog. I need to tell the good-hearted-stopping-by people who am I, how and where to start reading and fall in love with/like/not-sure-but-will-keep-reading the blog. I planned to do it in the beginning of this trip but how could I? The snow is waving at me, craving for attention and keep stealing my focus, kinda like Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor in The Office. Maybe next time in the future when you least expected then BAMM I write and be humble about it. yeah right.. i would totally be Mindy Kaling about it.

For this week’s wish, wait, don’t look me with one eye just because I keep failing on my commitments; my goal is pretty simple (kinda cheating here to get back on the horse), I am going to make use of the iPad mini I got for Christmas (from myself because I think myself is awesome and deserves it and myself agree with it) to do blogging stuff (writing, posting, photo editing, stalking and bloggers envying) which was the main reason I get it, that and to see bigger version of the cakes in Bakery Story.

KTX iPad

I am linking up at The Nectar Collective, the brain behind Weekly Wishes. It feels cool to post my Weekly Wishes from a train since I looove train. If possible I would travel exclusively by train because why not? Train is like a moving room service to your next destination. I just need to sleep, eat (food delivered by push cart), be cute and maybe whip a blog post, like now**, because KTX has Wifi. Not bad Korail. Not bad at all.

I often wonder if there are train tycoons and if yes, do their kids inherit the trains? Can normal people buy a train? I totally would.

*Mindy Kaling is a writer, producer, comedian, actress and one awesome human lady. It might be a bit uneasy to read the sentences I write using her name. If you change it to Beyonce you might have a better understanding of what I am trying to say but I am not a fan of queen B. i am a fan of queen MK hence the reference.

Thanks for reading you guys. All the very best on your Weekly Wishes.

**Eek I didn’t change the status to published, it was sitting in my draft til now.

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  • AnnEhnert

    I think it’s a great goal for this week 🙂 Also, MK rocks. Good choice!

  • I so miss the KTX and have fun in Korea! Relax, eat, write, just soak it up!!!

  • Rima Sagala

    lol, mindy kaling. once in a while I watch the mindy project because it is funnnnny.

  • Awww so jealous right now! I bet that image of snow blanket will resurface each time you come to this post.

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