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You Are Invited: The Prettiest Baby Shower

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I have a happy announcement! We have a gorgeous new member in the family! My cousin just had a baby daughter and we all super duper happy to welcome the cutie. In honor of the mother and daughter, I want to share some pictures I took on the baby shower last month. If you are into pastels, pretty decorations, pink, babies, cute stuff, cupcakes and sugar in general, you will enjoy this post.

For the longest time, whenever I heard baby shower, the scene from Sex and The City came into my mind. The one where they went to the suburbs to celebrate their (once super wild) friend’s baby shower and ended up not fitting in the new mommies crowd. I then decided I didn’t want to be a part of these shenanigans, but the baby showers I have been to were nothing like it. It was warm and loving, filled with laughters and cookies. I should start doing a reality check on all the life lessons I learned from that show.

Baby shower pink cupcakes Is there anything cuter than bodysuit cupcakes? And in pink color?! I die! Cupcakes and pink are going to be the combination of my house one day. I have always wanted a house made of sweets ever since I read Hansel and Gretel.

Baby Shower decoration My favorite decors, all craft were handmade by our friend, the talented EO. On every item I could see her hard work and attention to details.

Baby Shower Decoration This pretty venue was at Pastis, Aston Kuningan Jakarta. Food and the service were also great. They have outdoor seating, which I am curious to check out. It looked pretty good on a cloudy day. Maybe next time.

Pastis Aston Kuningan Baby Shower We sat on the long table which was filled an hour later with friends, family and their kids. We talked about how life changes after having a baby (which I had no f-ing clue what to say) to work and where should our next travel destination be.

Pretty Baby Shower Decoration The center of the attention, I mean after the mama to be, was this glorious cake and the tiny baby sleeping on top of it. I know I have been gushing over everything and anything, but c’mon you guys, that sleeping baby in pink was “awww” inducing

Wine glass was a later addition; when we, the aunties, made an excuse to pop the bottle celebrating on  behalf of the mom. Why parties that serve wine are always 10x better  then the sober one, but wine tasting party itself feels like a work meeting? To make a wine tasting feel like a party is a rare skill indeed.

Baby Shower Preparation This cute pot was the cupcake holder. And that cupcake has a tiny milk bottle on top of it. And my heart went ten times softer. Me and the cake spent some quality time together. At the end, I let it go, I just couldn’t eat it. It’s too damn cute. These whole set reminded me of the utensils from The Beauty and The Beast.

Baby shower treats I have found my stop. It has been calling me again and again, until I and my topped glass of wine parked there, it’s easier that way. Pink bear shaped marshmallows > adult conversations.

Baby Shower Macaroons Someone was caught with her hand in the cookie jar, and this was her third macaroons. Who could blame her?! It’s really delicious, perfectly made. I had five at least, after that I stopped counting. Uncounted calories are ungained weight.

Baby Shower Flower Arrangement These gorgeous flowers in the vase represent my cousin the best. She is as elegant and as classy as the flower arrangement. You might think that I am over praising my own cousin, but you have to meet her, to know that everything I said about her is true.

Baby Shower Pins How cute are these pins? The one on the extreme right said Chief Nappy Changer. Hihihihi.. Why don’t we wear pins anymore? How to make it a fashion comeback?

Baby Shower Activity Activity time! We had to cut the clothes into cute shapes, either with our imagination or based on the templates given.

Baby Shower Activity Viola, it’s done! Everyone has contributed to these shapes which will be stuck on the baby’s bodysuits from 1 to 9 months old. Pretty cute eh?

Baby shower chocolate cake Finally, I sat down with my first piece of the (big) cake, it tasted as pretty as it looked. And that cute little pink button on top of that? It was edible, people.

After my experiences with baby showers and the amount of sugary stuff I have eaten in there, I declare that baby showers are more fun than weddings! The ambiance is more chilled with more cake choices and lots of fully pink stuff. Dear Universe, new request, please let me get invited to many more fun baby shower just like this one in the future.

How about you? Have you thrown, been to or had a baby shower before? What are your general thoughts on baby shower?

Ps. Indonesian friends who wish to throw any party and like above decors, please email me at foreigngeek.com@gmail.com, I will share the EO’s contact with you. She is a friend, a very talented one, and I will ask her to give you a special blog reader price.

A disclaimer: I am aware I use the word cute 6 times in this post because it’s so damn cute. Thanks for reading you guys.

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  • Looks like tons of fun!

  • Wow, all the little details are so gorgeous. I love the cupcakes especially, they’re almost too pretty to eat. Congrats to your sister and your family on your newest member!

  • Nathy

    I love the pictures! and you are right they are too cute! It give me some ideas how my baby shower would be (if I ever get pregnant someday! lol)

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