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Inhouse Hotel Taipei: A Lot of Value For A Little Money

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Remember when I told you that, if I am not lazy, I will share more ideas on where to stay, or not to stay in different cities? You don’t remember? That’s okay! I do.

Since I will be going home by the end of the month (YAY!!) I want to write it today and combine it with Travel Tuesday. As someone not important once said on the Internet, Accommodation is the A in A to Z of Travel.

Inhouse Hotel, Taipei

Xining Street
View from our hotel room

I went to Taiwan with my mama in the beginning of this year, just the two of us. I had to arrange and book everything by myself because she just wanted to follow me. A typical parent’s behavior, which I appreciate because I loooove making decisions. A closet control freak here.

This time I chose a hotel based on Agoda review score because, I had never been to Taiwan before, I didn’t know how to speak the local language, and from what I learn, not everyone could speak English. To be on the safe side, since I was bringing my only mother, I chose a well-know-well-reviewed-but-affordable hotel (read above paragraph when I mentioned I had to book everything myself).

My favorite part of the Inhouse hotel, beside its room, was the lobby. Every night, I sneaked out after my mama fallen asleep and spent good hours there. Apart from being decorated with red sleazy pub lighting, there were comfortable sofas and a pair of MacBooks for guest use. I read books, wrote postcards, draft blog posts (which are still in the draft folder until now, gaah..), replied to Facebook messages, tweeted “I am in Taipei! I can’t believe it!!” every fifteen minutes.

Another part that I like about the hotel? Yep, you guessed it right. It was WAKA WAKA, the restaurant, where we had sumptuous breakfast every morning. I love the spread of choices they had. It was mainly Western; no complaint from me, I don’t eat western breakfast at home, so it was still a treat.

What I most loved about this restaurant though was the quality time I spent with my mama. We would choose a table by the window, piled on our buffet breakfast and spent a good hour there talking and taking selfies together. Until today,  I still can recall what she wore on a particular morning in that restaurant. The sweet memory stuck with me.

Inhouse Hotel Room

The room was a bargain; it came with a flat screen TV with many channels, including HBO and Star World, my lifelong companions. The bed was a 5 star hotel’s standard (disclosure: I never stayed in a 5 star hotel before but I assumed the bed would be this awesome!). My mama always takes extra long hours to shower and get ready; I spent it wisely on the bed watching back to back of ANTM. One of the lessons I learn from it was that there is that a model look and a movie star look and you can’t be a model if you have a movie star look. Now don’t give me a confused look because those words come from Tyra herself.

The bathroom was my favorite part of the room because of the amenities. Their bath items are L’occitane people! I never even bought L’occitane before because it was not within my budget, my pampering bathing goods stop at Bodyshop’s Honeymania. So I did what Ross did, after using it, I kept it away each morning and yes, they topped it up. Everything! Except for the toothbrush because I didn’t keep it in the first place. I am not that cheap, and it wasn’t L’occitane in the first place.

There was a unique thing in the bathroom. A blowfish shaped box on top of the toilet. I first thought it was a tissue box, nope, it was a coin box. What did they expect us to do with it? To develop a saving habit by putting a coin before using the toilet? Weird. Speaking of the toilet, you know how much I love high-tech Japanese toilets. I wish I could buy one but no because:

1. It was too darned expensive,
2. It would be hard to fit in my luggage and

3. I don’t have a home to put it in.

I bid a sad goodbye to them on my last day in Japan only to find out that, I got to see them sooner, in the Inhouse Taipei hotel! *I hope they have it in Seoul as well*

Blowfish Coinbox

The staffs here spoke fluent English, friendly, helpful, and generally were good looking. Overall I enjoy their service. 

Lastly the main reason I chose Inhouse hotel in because of the location. It’s right smack in the middle of Ximeding. It is one of the busiest, liveliest and most happening place in Taipei.  We could roam around and shop until late night without worrying about taking a cab or train back. Any tour guide knows where’s Inhouse hotel and we always get picked up there instead of meeting at a train station or somewhere else. Also, the bubble tea counter was a minute away from the hotel.

It suddenly crossed my mind that I should have written a review to Agoda about it and earned their 500 points. Do they still accept almost a year late review?

Anyways, next time you are in Taipei consider staying at Inhouse hotel and get ready to explore Ximending.

For food choices in Taipei, check out uncle Tehpeng’s Taipei food adventure.

Inhouse Hotel Information
Address: No.107, Xining S. Rd., Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 108
Price: a little above USD100 per night
Fanciness: Four stars. Personally I find it look like  three stars from outside. 
Agoda Review: 8.3

A shout out to the Travel Tuesday-ers, proud to be a part of the tribe.

Travel Tuesday

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  • They might have the Japanese style toilets while you are in Korea. I have never stayed in any of the hotels here, but we do have them in our house here. They are really nice in the freezing winter time! 🙂

    • Foreign Geek

      YAY!! I am so looking forward to sit on it. –> A sentence I never thought i’d say. How’s the weather there now? I think I need to buy a winter coat!

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