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Karma Link: Indonesian Bloggers Edition

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Karma Link Sept 14

Last day in September. A lot of things happened this month for me. I celebrated my birthday, wrote a guest post, left Singapore, and moved back to my parents. Well, doesn’t that last two sound like a regress? Gaaaah! But I had a home cooked meal just now, which beats eating food by the microwave at midnight. So for now, I am going to focus on those happy things.

Today is the last day of #BlogEverydayinSept. I made it, you guys! I wrote more than twenty posts this month. That’s something new for me. I am a teeny, tiny, proud I passed the challenge. I also learn something, other than travel I do like talking about myself. #narcismalert.

The last prompt is an interesting one. It’s about blogging community in my city, which I believe is essential. Also, it’s one of the reasons why I start blogging, to belong to a tribe, the one that gets me. In April this year, I found a blogger meet up in Singapore, I had a grand vision for it, but unfortunately, nothing much happened because the dream wasn’t followed by efforts. I really should stop being lazy. Anyways, it didn’t grow as much as I wanted it to be. At the end, I met a blogger, Liz. That was the highlight of my blogging community live in Singapore. Hi Liz!

Now that I’m back to Jakarta, I would love to join the local bloggers community. I’m a little worried though, that I won’t blend easily in the beginning because I can be awkward at times. Anyways, I’ll keep you updated.

For this month’s link love and in relation to today’s prompt, let me present to you some cool Indonesian bloggers:

Next month I:

  • Have to find a job. That’s it. That’s my only goal for next month.

Wish me luck! And thanks for reading!

#BlogEverydayinSept summary:

Monthly Goal // Hanging Out With Pink Hermione // Want to Be My Friend? Eat Sour Fruit // Sleeping with The Whole City Below You // I Wanted to be Mrs McMahon // These are My Dream Jobs // The Nature Erupted. Repeatedly. // Our Journey to the Middle Earth // These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray // Waiheke Island: A Ferry Ride to Wine & Dine // Eating 40,000 Feet Up // I’d Invite Mrs Obama // A Friendship Moment in a Coffee Shop // Pretty Flowers in the Garden // Food, Color & Travel. These are Why I LOVE Them // Free Coffee You Said? // Books That Flew Me Everywhere // Meet The Mind Babbler // Karma Link: Indonesian Bloggers Edition.


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  • Hi! Hahaha. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the community over there!

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