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I Love Berlin Part 1

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I love Berlin. Yes, I am here to report back that within those short days, I have fallen in love with Berlin. Wait, let’s back up a bit, shall we? As mentioned before, It has been Papa Geek’s dream for me to visit Germany. While other fathers dream about their daughter becoming a surgeon (I just finished the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy) or walking them down the aisle, mine dream of me visiting the automotive industry giant. Since I also really want touch ruins of the Berlin wall, the major historical event that happened during our lifetime, I put it into the itinerary.

Berlin Art

The whole time we were in Berlin, we were accompanied by Mita, an Indonesian friend who studied, and now working, there. Mita was kind and fun-spirited. She knew Berlin like the back of her hand. Seeing Berlin through her eyes was fab as she loves the city so much. I am sure the whole Berlin experience was elevated because of her and I am glad for that.

The Berlin Wall

Seeing the Berlin Wall in person was an emotional moment. After hearing about it in history class, fantasizing about how life would be in that era, imagining how would the wall look like (my history book was in black and white and was the pre internet era). If I was alone, I would have cried, but no, not in front of my cousins.

I touched the wall, took numerous of picture and of course bought a (few) piece of it from the souvenir store near by. I was determined to bring it for Papa Geek. You know, like the saying “If Muhammad won’t come to the mountain, then the mountain will come to Muhammad“. If I could only bring back one souvenir from our trip, this would be it. I gave it to him last week, he kept it on his desk ever since.


Other than bringing back a piece of history, I wanted to have a picture taken in photoautomat, the legendary photobox in Berlin (or was it Germany?). “It’s a part of the culture“, that’s how I convinced my cousins. Off we went to find one. Well, actually Mita was the one (the only one) who put the effort to find one, while we followed her like baby ducks. Even though it was located in one of Berlin trendiest areas, the photoautomat was not easy to spot, we were lucky we did, thanks to Mita. 10 euros and 20 shots later, we were done. We rested in a coffee shop nearby before going to the next stop.

Chirstmas Market

I didn’t expect to see the Christmas market in Europe this time because it was only early November. To my delight, they had one right in the middle of the city. I went a little crazy over here looking all those colorful diabetes inducing sweets. Thank God my hand was already full. After a glass of gluehwein (it was rich and strong, yum!) and failed attempt to make an instant Christmas postcard (the machine ate our euros) we rushed to have Indonesian dinner.

Reichstag Bundestag

On the first night in Berlin, we went to the Reichstag at Bundestag (made me grin every time I said it out loud). It’s a historical building that has been converted to Germany parliament. We had to register, pick a date and go through a tight security to get inside. Tedious process, but it was worth it. Berlin skyline was gorgeous, especially at night time, and the building was designed in such way so we got to see a 360 degree view of the city. After the Reichstag visit, we called it a day, took bus number 100 and went back to our AirBnB.

Thank you Mita for spending time with us, we had a great time! Germany tourism board should hire you to be their official tour guide, stat. I thought one post would be enough to talk about Berlin, since I still have so many things to share about, so stay subscribed for the second part. Thank you for reading!


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