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Hello & Goodbye September: I Killed Our Office Fly

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You guys, I am not dead yet! In case you are wondering. I have been.. wait for it..busy. Gosh, those are two of the most overused sentences in the blogging world. I am sorry for that, not writing much makes me a dumb writer.

Celebrated my birthday doing overtime at work, which was against my life rules: to no work on birthdays and to never do overtime in general, but it was still an awesome day. I was treated McDonalds breakfast, which I have been craving for months and greeted by a huge bouquet on my office desk. I also celebrated my birthday on the weekend with my people. I plan to write a separate post about it like I did last year, here is hoping I will stick with that plan! If there was something lacking on this birthday, it would be a balloon and a picture of me with a cake; a good picture of me with a cake to be exact. Which brings us to the next topic, my camera.

Hotcake Syrup

I retired the beloved Samsung NX3000. It was unlike me, I am quite loyal to camera (I still have the pocket one from 2011), because: 1. I don’t know how to use fancy camera 2. I don’t really notice the difference in the pictures taken with different cameras. I liked the camera, but no-one else did. In short, it has heard a lot of complaining voices. I own a camera so that people can take pictures of ME. If they don’t feel like doing it because they don’t like the camera, I am missing the main point of having one, aren’t I? So I sold it at half the price, only after 18 months, you guys! The guilt kept me awake for two nights. Now that I am in the market for a new camera, I want to ask you, what camera do you use? Do you like it? Is it easy to navigate for someone who lacks of basic photography skill nor willingness to learn? Does it come in pink color? I would love to hear your recommendations. Help me!

I am addicted to  this Activewear parody/song/video:

I listen to it at least 1o times a day *not joking*. I so relate to it because ever since I joined the gym, I have bought at least four pairs of active wear, even though I have only been there thrice this month. Well, at least I run a marathon. Yep, that really happened! I got a proof; a Music Run medal, which I proudly hang on my mirror, ignoring the fact that whoever passed by the finish line got it, even if they were just crossing the road got it. I truly enjoyed it and am planning to join the next year’s event, but most probably at another city. Look at me, being all healthy-ish! I even keep cold press juice bottles in the office fridge these days, I drink it in between the copious intake of bubble tea and iced chocolate chip coffee, but still!


Speaking of the office, work has been crazy. I usually come home to take two showers in between sleep. I practically live my entire life at work. Hence, only two posts for this month. Yeah, I do have weekends, but I prefer to meet the little people made by my cousins who all are extremely adorable especially the littlest one, Kiwi. She has been my steady date for months now. Also, I believe weekends are reserved for low brain power activities like TV watching. And the fall TV series are just awesome. SCANDAL, How To Get Away From A Murder, Grey’s Anatomy, Mindy Project, Brokyln Nine Nine, Downton Abbey, The Empire, Law and Order SVU, South Park, Nashville, CSI, CSI Cyber, another CSI, Castle, Scorpion to name a few. *Gulp* I watch way too much TV, maybe I do have time to write after all.

Lastly, for the suspense of the post title. Yes, I killed a fly and yes, it’s our office’s pet. We have a fly who resided in our office building. It only came out in the evening, usually after 7PM and hang out with us until as long as we’re there. Usually I ignored it and it would go and bother another colleague. On an unfortunate night recently, I was the only one at our table when it came out to play. I was on double doses of bitchiness that day because I was feeling sick or just recovered from being sick, I couldn’t really member. So when the damn fly kept nginginginginging around me even after I sushed it away a few times, I half-heartedly smack it with a stack of paper in my hand. It died immediately. There were no witness and I am never going to tell my teammates who have a weird fondness for the fly, who shall be called the late Rita Skeeter for now onwards.

I got a watermelon candle as a just because gift, ate a plate of extremely spicy fried rice called MAFIA and frequented 1/15 coffee shop. I also cried, slept in the meeting room and passed out drunk with salted Lindt chocolate still in my hand. All three were different occasions.

Other than those major news, I have been listening to various podcasts as that’s the only thing that could wake me up every morning. I also have been catching up with reading, the last book I read was another Chelsea Handler’s. Reading list for the rest of this year includes: Modern Romance, Furiously Happy, Binge, and Why Not Me? Are you interested to read any of these books? Shall we exchange witty tweets about it in between? It will be like attending a book club, but way cooler and easier. #TweetABookClub.

September might not be my finest month this year, but at least I am on the right track. I think. Thanks for reading people. It makes me happy to see a healthy number of traffic to this blog despite lack of update recently. I will try to post more than two times in October. Mwah!

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  • Rest in peace, Rita Skeeter! On the side note, hurray to peace! Hahaha.

  • Omg you shouldn’t be crying! …or sleeping in the office!
    I hope you’re ok.
    Those juices look SO GOOD!

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