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Bed and Briyani, A Weekend in Hyderabad

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I was one of the few ones who identify themselves as (somewhat/half) Indian although they never have been to India. I might even be the only wanderluster Indian who never had been to India. That changed last May. Following a series of celebration in the family I flew to India for the first time and got to cross one off of my list. I packed my backpack and picked my cousin on the way to the airport. We were taking an Indian airline’s flight, which I had been briefed to be prepared, as it would be packed with all sorts of Indian. Have you ever traveled on a flight full of Indians? It’s umm.. different. That, my friend could be one of your travel bucket list.

The Westin Hydrabad

We reached Hyderabad after midnight and would be staying only for the weekend. I didn’t do much sightseeing for me to write about it; alas, I’ll share our hotel stay instead.

We stayed at the Westin hotel, since I didn’t book and never heard of it before I didn’t think much of it and my ignorance turned out to be a pleasant surprise. This upscale hotel seriously deserves more buzz. Known for its bed Heavenly (a quick Google using hotel’s lobby wifi did the trick), that’s the first thing I tried when we entered to room was to jump into the bed. Ladies and gentlemen, it was everything as advertised! I felt like I was jumping and later sleeping on the cloud. Also, I loved the concept of the glass window bathroom so I could watch TV while bathing –> one of life obsessions.

The whole weekend, we spent ample time in the room, doing almost nothing other than catching up with my cousins, shared some family gossips and chillaxing.

Hydrabad Briyani

The highlight of my stay; other than hanging out with my family, amazing breakfast buffet, the hotel room and stocking up Indian kurtis; was the briyani. Briyani is a mixed rice dish from the Indian subcontinent, which I used to dislike. Growing up, eating my mom’s well meant, but failed attempts, to cook briyani I have decided that Biryani wasn’t to my taste. Relatives found it weird, even borderline insulting when I refused to eat the celebration rice dish, so if I had to, I usually put a small portion on my plate out of courtesy. That was exactly what I did when I was offered the famous Hyderbadi briyani, but OMGwwaaaad it was so delicious I immediately regretted about insisting the small pot of briyani with cousins. The rice was rich in flavor, the meat was so tender and the condiments were perfect. That night, lying on the hotel bed, I dreamt about it.

The Westin Heavenly Bed

The next day we left, catching our red eye flight so we can go back to work the next day or in a few hours to be exact, but not before ordering room service from the hotel. Guess what I ordered?

Have you been any famous travel destination, but just for a short trip? Did it make you want to eat your hair also? Or at least plan another trip there?

Ps. Here is the recipe for easy (says the author) restaurant style Hyderbadi chicken briyani. Enjoy!

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