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Hongkong Unique Beverages

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Pursuing my obsession on discovering great coffee wherever I go, I had way too many pit stops during our short stay in Hong Kong. And during my hunting time, I have also tried some unusual drinks/dessert; and I thought it would be fun to share some here.

1. Raw Egg on Boiled Water

raw egg boiled water

Let me repeat that, raw egg in boiling water. I have no idea why I ordered it in the first place, moreover, why did I drink it after seeing it. After this incident, I have stopped a few times in life to reflect on what had happened and on my decision, but I have no logical explanation, it didn’t make sense and without a purpose. The worse part was that I slurped it in one go while sitting in a restaurant packed with HongKong-ers when I was supposed to stir, add sugar and drink it from the glass slowly. Now I get why they stared at us, it was out of pity. But honestly, I don’t think adding sugar would help much.

2. CoffeeTea

Hong Kong Milk Tea

What would you like to drink? Coffee or tea? If you are like me, who love both, how about coffee and tea MIXED together also known as CoffTea or Tea Espresso. I raised my eyebrow when I reread the menu, but hey why not? I wasn’t too sure when I gave my order, the waiter uncle even asked me thrice to confirm my order, yes a cup of Yuanyang (Cantonese) please. I thought Yuangyang another name for Yin and Yang but not, it means a pair of Mandarin duck, the symbol of eternal love (Coffee, tea and ducks??) The taste didn’t disappoint you guys, it’s actually good, adaptable to be a next favorite drink, during indecisive days.

3. Turtle Shell Jelly

Turtle shell jelly

On a cold night some four years ago, I was treated turtle shell jelly by a group of local friend when I visited Hong Kong (my first time) with Yin. It’s a Chinese herbal medicine sold as pitch dark colored dessert. I remember finding it bitter, but nice anyways. It made them happy that an outsider accepting their delicacy and that made me happy. Also, the jelly is packed with good for health, including smoother skin, so yeah why not?

4. Pantyhose Tea

Pantyhose Tea

A cup of tea made using woman under garment, doubt there is any non-alcoholic drink that sounds kinkier than a cup of hot pantyhose tea, eh? Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately they don’t use a real pantyhose to make it. This traditional Hong Kong style milk tea is made by passing tea through a cloth sock to give a smoother texture. I soon got addicted to it and ordered a cup every time we stopped somewhere to rest. During summer, the iced tea version is a must try you guys.

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