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Hong Kong AirBnB: 6 Bags, 2 Girls & 1 Tiny Apartment

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Just be nice to me while I am doing the scene; that is all. I don’t want big cars, I don’t want big hotel rooms.” — Shahrukh Khan (the second richest actor in the world). I wonder what would he think about our Hong Kong Airbnb?

Admittedly, the decision to AirBnB was a last minute and not a well considered one. I couldn’t remember the hotel we booked four years ago, the one I loved for its hustle bustle neighborhood (was it near red light are Yin?). Even if I found it, I wasn’t sure we would want to spend good money on it, hotel stay in Hong Kong gets pricier each year, and for less money, we could get a good room via AirBnB. That’s how I convinced my BFF.

I researched (filters: A private room, 2 guests, below $100 per night and somewhere in the city area), chose the one with a female owner, got BFF approval and booked the place within 15mins. All good.

When my plane was delayed for more than four hours, I informed the owner of our Hong Kong AirBnB I would be reaching at an odd time.  I was worried she might object to it or worse, make me wait for hours until the normal check in time, after all it was not a hotel, but she was okay with the inconvenience. Again, all good.


I reached the neighborhood. I stood in front of an old building which was undergoing a major renovation; my guess was to keep it standing still. The owner came down to greet me. She informed me that the place was on the 9th floor. I sent a quick prayer for a lift. There was. Phew!!

She opened the door and I was staring at a teeny tiny studio apartment aka our Hong Kong Airbnb. oh, I forgot that fact. Apparently she also forgot another fact, that there would be two guests and there was only a single bed there. I told her, but she said she didn’t remember such information. I could have argued more, but I was sleep deprived and that small bed was so inviting at that time. I would deal with other stuff later I decided. So when she gave the key, showed me the dial up cable and a TV that wasn’t plugged to anywhere, I thanked and closed the door behind her.

AirBnB Hong Kong

^ Even Miaw didn’t look pleased with the place and the microwave door was the only mirror in the room.

For the rest of the day I dreaded telling my BFF who would be arriving close to midnight that one of us were going to sleep on the floor alternately. By floor I meant the narrow space between the fridge and the bed. Turned out she accepted better than I anticipated. She even sent a picture of herself spreading her legs as far as possible, trying to touch both sides of the wall to our group whatsapp. True story. I kept the picture for future white-blackmail, unless she is willing to share it here. In that case you will see the picture on the footnote part someday.

Us, two girls, two luggages, two soft toys (both were mine), four make up bags and a dolphin balloon (hers), shared our Hong Kong AirBnB space for days, dolled up using the microwave mirror and survived without getting into each other nerves.

Dolphin balloon

After this experience, or even a crazier one in Shanghai before, am I going to do AirBnB again in the future? Honestly, even with disapprovement of my friends who have heard/read my stories, I will. I’m always curious about how the local lives and AirBnB gives me the taste of it. Also, every AirBnB stay adds story in my life. And the best one from our Hong Kong stay was when we got back from Lan Kwai Fong at dawn, totally sloshed and couldn’t remember the pin code to enter the apartment building main door. We tried every possible combination we could vaguely recall for a long time. We were finally in! With the help from a tenant who just got back from her own rendezvous as well.

Thanks for reading you guys. I am super sorry for falling behind on replying to comments. I am busy with some major changes (will update you about it soon) but I will reply to each of it. Promise *insert the hand gesture emoticon here*.

Ps. BFF bought a fridge magnet with the name of the main road where our AirBnB apartment was located, so I guess this was one of our good travel memories.

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  • Well it’s a great travel story now and seems like you guys made the best of the situation! I’ve used airB&B in the UK and Europe and always had great experiences – beautiful houses and inner city apartments. I think after reading this though I will always want to see pics before booking.
    Claire xx

    • Foreign Geek

      Claire I have been wanting to try AirBnB in Europe, especially France, I have been day dreaming about it. Did you write about it? I am going over to your blog to read it NOW.

  • Haha, oh no. I think you could’ve squeezed onto the bed together 🙂 I haven’t used AirBnb yet, but I haven’t travelled since I found out about it. I have browsed it though and dreamt about going to different places.

    • Foreign Geek

      Nat, so glad to see you here :)) There are some awesome places in AirBnB these days, you should try it at least once. Btw the bed wasn’t as big as it looked in the picture and I am not as tiny as I would like to be ;P

      • I’m sooo behind on my blog reading. I’ve been very good about putting work before fun lately, but I have hundreds of unread posts now. Haha, I guess it can be a bit awkward too when getting that close 🙂

  • Aww no! I’ve done Airbnb before (and am about to do it again) and I’ve never heard of people having a crappy time like that! Make sure you write a truthful review so no one else can make the same mistake and stay with this woman again!

  • Oh, AirBnb! It’s always a gamble but some of the best stories come out of taking a chance and I’m with you on being interested in how the locals live. I’m glad that it turned out to be a good travel story that you can look back on and laugh. There was one time that I used Flipkey for this amazing place in the Philippines only to realize that it didn’t have air conditioning….my husband got heat rash that trip. Whoops. It’s funny now though so yay for travel stories out of odd accommodations that we can laugh at later!

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  • Despite the tiny apartment, it still seems like you had a good time! Sucks that there was only one bed! If it was just a little bit bigger, you two could’ve shared. That’s what I would do with my friend. At least you have a great story to tell later!

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