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Hong Kong Itinerary

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Last week I woke up to a text from Bri of Chai and Bri. A blogger friend whom I almost met in real life. Bri told me she was going to Hong Kong and asked me for some ideas. Hey, how did she know I had a half-baked post on Hong Kong itinerary sitting in my drafts? Today, I sat down and finished it.

For those of you who are tired of my Hong Kong posts, you are not alone. Someone told me to my face the other day to stop writing about Hong Kong already. Then again, it was Hulk and he probably prefers I write about masala papad instead. So I’m ignoring his complaint, and for the rest, this will be the last Hong Kong post for a long while. I promise.

This post is dedicated to Bri.

Day 1 – Hong Kong Café and Disneyland

The first thing to do on your first morning in Hong Kong is to have a Hong Kong style breakfast. This traditional Cha Chang Teng breakfast includes bread, noodle, macaroni soup and  fried egg, accompanied with milk tea. It sounds like a lot, I know, but it’s srsly a must try. After fueling yourself with it, you will be ready to explore the city.

Hong Kong Disneyland

First stop is Disneyland. Why? Well, because you are on vacation and it’s Disneyland. If you have more than a week in Hong Kong and have never been to Disneyland before, consider staying a night at the Disney hotel as well. Let’s relive our childhood memories now that we can travel using own money.

Day 2 – Hang out at the beach and drop by the Stanley Market

Pack up your beach bag and take a bus to Stanley, a town located on a peninsula on the Hong Kong Island. You are going to spend the day chilling by the beach; swimming, reading or some good old people watching. Soak up the sun and get a little tan, again because you are on holiday. In the late afternoon, take the same bus to go to Stanley market. Among the many markets in Hong Kong, Stanley market is my favorite. You can get handmade jewelries, cheap jades, Tin Tin stuff, painting and whatnot there. After you are done with bargaining and snagging some souvenir, head down to the pier for some gorgeous sunset watching while sipping cold beer.

Stanley Market

Alright, time to head back to town. Wait, what about dinner? Murray House comes highly recommended. It’s a 160-year-old restored three-storey colonial building that has  a restaurant on the first floor, with great sea views.

Day 3 – Climb The Peak & Party at Lwan Kai Fong

We went to the Peak four years ago, so I couldn’t really recollect the details on how we got there, but I know we had fun (except when climbing a long uphill road). We went to the observation deck to enjoy the Hong Kong skyline at its best, but unfortunately it was a foggy day. It wasn’t pretty, no pictures were taken. Still, on a clear day, you should go there.

We stopped for lunch somewhere in the building before heading to (MY FIRST EVER) Madame Tussauds. I was never a celebrity-crazed girl so I assumed it wouldn’t be much fun. I went anyways for Yin, but I was so wrong! I had THE BEST TIME ever posing with Angeline Jolie, The Beatles and my favorite, Marilyn Monroe! I took an epic picture with her and sent it everyone I knew on the planet.

Lwan Kwai Fong

At night, wear your party dress and head down to Lwan Kai Fong. I don’t like to go clubbing (gah do cool kids still call it clubbing??), but I have been dragged, gotten sloshed and made a fool of myself in enough premises in different countries to decide that my favorite place to party till dawn is Lwan Kai Fong. I like the inhabitant vibe, the beautiful crowds, and the coziness of its small space. I love that you are welcomed from the very first time you enter the area, that there is always a late night mass dance going on in some corner and you can choose to either talk to random people or go on your way in the matter of minutes. There are a few choices of places without being overwhelming and that’s the best place for drunk-people watch.

Day 4 – Ocean Park

If you like Disneyland a lot or if you are skipping it because you have been to one before, spend your day at the Ocean Park. A homegrown theme park filled with enough attractions to entertain you the whole day.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

In the evening take the ferry to Kowloon and roam around the Temple street night market, there are lots of knickknacks to check out. If you are observant and eager enough, you can snag cute souvenirs to bring back home. Remember to bargain, bargain and BARGAIN here. You can easily get any item for one fourth of the initial price.

Since you are already at temple street, why not try the famous spicy crab nearby? The place is right in the middle of the night market, you won’t miss it.

Day 5 – Stay Central and Eat Pastry

Hong Kong Tram

Today you are going to roam around the city. Top up your MTR card and start from Central to Admilarty to Wan Chai to Causeway Bay and or Central to Tim Sha Shui to Jordan and Mong Kong.

Ride the vintage tram and get down at random stops to explore the area.

Egg Tarts

Allocate some time to sample at least two out of the top three egg tart shops in Hong Kong, because what’s the point of going to Hong Kong if you don’t try their famous egg tarts? My personal recommendation is Tai Cheong Bakery. If perfect is a taste, this would be it.

BFF and I spent the whole day doing exactly this. We stopped at random places to check out the department stores, bookshops and got caffeinated. It was her favorite part of our trip (mine was the Ocean Park day).

Day 6 – Take a day trip to Shenzhen

Day 7 and 8 – Gamble in Macau

Hong Kong for a week is more than enough unless you really want to soak in its culture. There are endless places to explore and things to eat, but after a while, most of the central areas feel identical; same vibes, small markets, dim sum restaurants, MTR and Bonjour department stores.

That’s all Bri. I wish you a fantastic time in Hong Kong. You guys, let me know if I missed out something worth experiencing here, I will mention it here and give you the credit.

As always, thanks for reading. Stay on the road!

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