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Let Me Introduce You to Hokkaido Breakfast

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When we went to Hokkaido last year, I felt like there a few traditions that belongs to the place that I didn’t see on Honshu island, where Tokyo and Osaka are located. One of it was the type of breakfast we ate.

Hokkaido restaurant

I think Hokkaido breakfast was more seafood based, but it could be just my assumption since we only went to Frech influenced-western breakfast places in Tokyo, including Doutor.

Hokkaido Breakfast

This is a typical set of Hokkaido breakfast. Slightly sticky rice, half boiled tamago (egg), miso soup, lightly grilled salmon, anchovy, beef slices, salad and cold tofu. That’s way too much for breakfast.

Hokkaido breakfast

I started munching on the rice and moved on the miso soup, in which they put three clams (told you, that’s it’s more seafood based), it was delicious. Perfect for a morning starter. Next I tried the beef slice, it was okay. Not as bad as the not-so-cooked cold anchovies. Well, it was bad for me, because I was not used to it guess. I have only eaten (much smaller) anchovies when they were either deep fried or deep fried with green chili. I passed on the salad, because as Ron Swanson said, I am not a rabbit.

Hokkaido Breakfast Tofu

The tofu was cold and had no flavor, but strangely enough, it was miso soup perfect companion. Meanwhile, the salmon could have been saltier, but they might reduce some ingredients since they served it as breakfast. I usually am a fan of half boiled eggs, but I didn’t like this one.

Hokkaido drinks

The service, as always, was impeccable. That’s all for my introduction to Hokkaido breakfast. All in all, it was okay, not great. I prefer to stick with donuts and donburi.

Have you tried a unique local breakfast from the place you visited? Where and what was it? Did you like it?

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  • Rachael Brennan

    I love grilled salmon for breakfast! But yeah, the rest, not so much. I love miso soup, but not clams. Also, no to the half boiled egg and anchovies. I do love how the Japanese include salad with their breakfast though! Love your Ron Swanson reference!

    • Foreign Geek

      Grilled salmon is a yes for me anytime of the day, but salad on the other hand is a no no :! What’s your favorite breakfast meal?

  • The breakfast (as well as any other meal of the day) was definitely more seafood based in Hokkaido. Though one might think, that on an island like Japan every place is known for seafood, Hokkaido somehow holds a special place. For my husband and father-in-law it’s definitely about those fresh crabs ^^
    I like miso soup for breakfast, but I have to confess, that I am always glad about hotel buffets, because I can stick with bread, salad and waffles or pastries for dessert 😉

    • Foreign Geek

      I love crabs! I got to eat it once in Sapporo (the one with the huge crab on the building), it was pretty delish.
      Yeah, I understand the pull of a good western style breakfast 🙂 I love pastries too <3

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