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Happy Things in May

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Being grateful is an easy thing for many of us. We are blessed with things to be happy about every single day and feeling grateful makes me appreciate those things much more. I kept a gratitude journal ever since I was in university and I still write in it. Not everyday, but I try to. It helps in many ways. As a nudge. To practice my handwriting. To cheer me up. After seeing it being posted by some awesome bloggers, I want to share some of it in my blog too. As happy memories. Also hoping that it might inspire or at least to make someone smile.

Things I am happy about in May

Chinese Tea

  • I went to a teahouse with my besties. Finally, after missing the opportunity while we were in Japan. We went to the one visited by Queen Elizabeth. Drank the same tea drank by her; which later named Royal Tea after her visit.
  • Reaching home before dark.
  • After months of searching, I found a pair of shorts that fits me perfectly, it covers the “thunder” thighs well and I look fine in it. We all know it, finding the perfect shorts/bikini is a chore!! and I get to cross it from my list. The next item? White button down shirt.
  • Afternoon beer session.
  • Time spent with the BFF. We walked around the city aimlessly. We used to do a lot when we were in school. Now, with a job and pilling laundry, spending unplanned time together is a rarity.
  • Ice cream bubble milk tea.
  • A different Sunday night. Our usual Sunday nights contain me writing and Hulk playing XBOX, order in meals, watching movies together, ironing (Hulk) and drinking milk (me) and surrendering to Monday mornings. But last Sunday, we went out to a proper restaurant for a sumptuous dinner. The reason? “Just because”, Hulk said. I LOVE spontaneity.
  • Exploring Arab Street.
  • Planning a friend’s (secret) birthday celebration
  • Mom.
  • Compliments.
  • This blog readers.

Now is your turn. What are your Happy things this month?

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