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Happy Holidays from Phi Phi Island

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Hi guys, Happy Holidays! I celebrated a sandy Xmas with a huge dose of sunshine, and if you follow my Instagram (specializing in weekend manicure, bubble tea shots and cat memes) you would have guessed it, I am in Thailand, also because I have been posting pictures with obvious taglines. #Thailand and #beach.

Dream Island Koh Phi Phi

Wait when did it happen you ask? Well once upon a time a girl has a boyfriend. The boyfriend surprised her with two flight tickets to Phuket to celebrate Xmas/year end/anniversary. He got many lots of brownie points for it. The end.

So yes, I am in Thailand. It was a surprise, an unexpected and a good one, but made me frantic with the no plans and last minute hotel bookings. Thankfully we managed to book almost affordable last minute hotels due to Agoda points and extended benefits one day before we flew. I packed my things in the morning, went to the office, worked mindlessly and took a night flight. The best part was that Phuket is an hour and a half away only.

We stayed the night in Phuket, before heading down to the pier the next day. Thailand is Disney World for grownups according to Stephanie, and I couldn’t agree more. I have seen crazier stuff here (involving goldfish and live frogs) than in Amsterdam. I recommend Phuket only to coming to age boys and middle-aged men with crisis identity; for others?  head to Phi Phi island.

Koh Phi Phi is located on the southeast of Phuket and is one of the most naturally beautiful islands in the world. There are limestone mountains with cliffs, caves and long white sandy beaches. When you see it, you don’t need any Wikipedia description. It’s a 2 hour ferry ride (and another hour of waiting time in the ferry) away from Phuket. If I am being completely honest, of all the places I have travelled to (I mean of all not even ten places I have been to) Phi Phi Island’s the hardest one to share publicly. It was my best-kept travel secret. It is a dream island, my dream island. It’s eye watering, mouth drying, heart meltingly beautiful.

If one day I need to run away and drop off of the world (kinda like Olivia’s mom before Liv found out that she was evil) I would choose Phi Phi. I, despite my international contacts and my president-banging daughter, will be on Phi Phi Island.

You guys.. I can’t begin to tell you how pretty the beaches and the people are here. Speaking of the people, the best part of people in Phi Phi are that they follow some kind rule of not being fully clothed. We are surrounded by a sea of beautiful people (I kid you not, people in Phi Phi islands are gorgeous, well 90% of them) having a lunch, getting a haircut, working on their laptop in their boxer or bikinis.

Kotte Beach

Our plan is to explore Phi Phi these few days. By exploring we intend to eat, drink, eat, get a few massages and more drinking. I have this idea to write an almost useful guide to Phi  Phi island but for now I got to go guys, we are off to do night snorkelling with the planktons.

Plankton Snorkeling
Image Source: Trip Advisor

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