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Happy Birthday Snow White

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Today is, one of my best friends’, Yin’s birthday. We usually celebrate it together, either on the day or afterwards if she travels. Since this year I am not there with her, I will share it here. Yin is an awesome friend and my best travel partner. We have been friend for more than seven years now, ever since we shared a class in management accounting together.

Yin with Queen of England

^^ Yin on a normal day, hanging out with the Queen of England. We have this tradition of sharing our mask covered face pictures in the group chat every Tuesday, let’s call it Face Mask Tuesday and I have like a gazillion pictures of Yin with different masks on her face. I am tempted to share it with you here, but no, she will kill me! And today being her birthday and all, I shall keep it for another occasion.

Yin is a smart, sweet light-hearted girl with kindness that fills your heart. She is a bigger travel junkie than I am! Other than love for travel and food, we are different in many ways. She is the quiet type, while I am the loudest. She a worrier while I am the ignorant one. She cooks, while I can only reheat canned tuna. She is so organized, while I won’t be able to locate half of my things on our second week of travel. I am glad that we are different, I think she completes me, even though I am not sure how do I complete her with my noisy self.

I wish you the Happiest Birthday Yin! I hope all your wishes come true and you have a fabulous year. I am super glad that we are friends. Let’s make plans for our annual travel soon. Mwah!

Ps. The title is Happy Birthday Snow White because, having the fairest skin among the four of us, we call her that.

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