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Happy Birthday To Me

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Happy Birthday to me! Well more of happy belated birthday since it has been some time ago since the day. I thought, hey, why don’t I write a post about it. After all, it’s my 30th.

I started my birthday on the day before. I invited my dearest and closest friends for dinner. An Indian coastal cuisine over local seafood one at The Mango Tree, Katong Mall. There were eight of us and it was perfect for a low key celebration. My heart warmed up with all the love and attention. I felt so lucky to have the people I genuinely love out celebrating it with me.

Happy Birthday Balloon

Back home, I got my balloon! Birthday balloon is something I requested every year. I really like getting balloons and I am not ashamed by it. It has been my thing.

Macaroons Cake

Recently, I have developed a true love for macaroons and since I was given the privilege to choose my cake, I chose to have macaroons instead. And I got three tiers of it! My friends are pretty great eh? I and Hulk spent the whole week finishing above collection.

Birthday Gifts

And these are my birthday gifts. The Infinity twists Australian jade which symbolizes the eternal bond between two people was from the Hulk. So was the pink Instax, which I am yet to use. The bag was from the besties, the small Maneki Neko was from Yin (this was the second Maneki Neko I got as a birthday gift from her. Maybe one day I can start my own collection of it). The charm was from my cousin and the cat box together with all the party props were from my BFF. I loved each and every gift you guys. Thank you very much for putting a lot of thoughts into it!

Feet shot

Since it was a work day, I had to spend my day alone, but I was totally fine with it. Look at me all ready to go to enjoy my birthday brunch by one. Told you I loved the gifts so much, I wore one of them immediately.

Tim Ho Wan

First stop was Plaza Singapura, my favorite mall in Singapore. It was the first mall I ever visited in Singapore and later became the one I frequented the most. Having had so many memories in it, I was kinda attached to it and since I was going to leave Singapore soon, I wanted to say my proper goodbye to this dear mall. Also, because it’s where Tim Ho Wan, my favorite Dim Sum restaurant, located. I qued, ordered the bun, the porridge and the dessert, said my grace and polished it off. Yum!

Love Lock Clarke Quay

Next stop was Clarke Quay. In the afternoon Clarke Quay usually is calm and can be elegant, exactly the opposite of the vibe at the night time. I strolled down by the river and did people watching for hours. I then passed by this love lock bridge. Sometime ago, I told Hulk that we ought to put our love lock here one day, since we met here in Clarke Quay years ago. Someday we will.

Koi Bubble Tea

Oh, I forgot to mention, before taking the MRT to Clarke Quay, I stopped by at KOI Cafe at the Mcdonald House. KOI is a famous bubble tea brand in Singapore. It has cheered me up countless of time, during PMS, hectic work week, couple fights and anything in between. I swear by it you guys. It’s a must try when you see one. I ordered my usual: milk tea, medium, 70%, with bubble and ice cream.

Coffee Min

The rest of the evening was spent at Coffee Min; reading, browsing and playing video games while waiting for Hulk to finish his work and hurry up to meet me.

Chong Qing Fish

Hulk took me to one of my favorite restaurants in Bugis for our private birthday celebration (have I mentioned how spoiled I am by him?). We ordered the spicy and fragrant fish, two bowls of rice and puer tea and quickly dug our way into it. It was really really good *my mouth is watering thinking about it now*.

Potted Potter

On the next day (yeah, I kinda stretched my birthday into a three day celebration) I went to watch Potted Potter. I shared laughter with my fellow HP fans and went back with a high satisfaction level. The show tied a nice bow to the end of my birthday celebration.

Shine Muscut Grapes

On the way back, I stopped at Market Place for to stock up on my late night snacks. That’s when I spotted this. $118 for a bunch of grapes. I made a quick calculation, that’s five bucks for a single grape you guys. That’s when I knew that I had nothing to worry about how old I was, there will be a lot of things in the world waiting for me to witness it for the very first time.

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

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