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Catch Up with My Happiness Homework

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Hello Weekly Wishes Wonderwomen (are we all women here?),

I’m writing this week’s weekly wish from the airport and doing so I fulfilled my last week’s goal to blog outside my room. I also went to a neighborhood Starbucks last week to write and post my very first link love. It was fun and cool to be surrounded by the late-night coffee drinking crowd. All in all, I’m kinda blog-proud.

If are wondering what the wish I am talking about, please check the details and the how-tos here.

I’m attending a happiness e-course taught by Melyssa (the creator of this weekly wish) and by, another favorite, Erika. It’s called Everyday Happy. Of all the e-courses I have taken in the past (Yes, I’m an e-course junkie, and I like learning about new things) I find this one to be a gem. They go deep heart diving into happiness and explore different aspects of it, including the ones I usually steer away from like flaws and forgiveness. I’m being pushed to learn, relearn and practice my happiness muscles. We have hardcore (both useful and mind opening) homework to do every day, which I fall behind on because even though I like to learn new things I am not a model student, but I should! And that’s what I’m going to do this week.

Gtg last call for the flight –

— And I am back. I have been sitting in this flight for ten minutes in between a teacher and a businessman. We have been waiting, the flight isn’t moving, and there is no announcement yet. The young teacher is starting to grade exam papers (looks like a physic, I am impressed) and the businessman is typing furiously on his Blackberry, so I decide to continue this post as well.

Have you ever made a goal to make yourself happy? Like doing things that make you happy or happier, maybe something as easy as stop reading random news or as hard as breaking up an unhealthy relationship. Whatever it is I think we all should pursue our happiness, and I would love to hear your efforts to be/keep being happy. Share with me will you.

Back to my own happiness goal, the e-course is going to end next week, and I want to focus on spending my last week of the class studying, taking notes and completing my homework. In short, I want to be an obedient student for once. To be Neville and not Ron for once. I want to pass with flying colors. Oh yes I do.

Okay, I have to hit the post button now, the pretty lady in the uniform has told me “Mam, please turn off your device” . Twice. I am sorry pretty lady. I will do it now. —

Btw, seriously Erika how do I score an A+ on this course?

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  • It’s so great that you are doing the Everyday Happy e-course. I was definitely interested in it but definitely too busy with school to fit in another class. Your experience makes it definitely sound worth it though so maybe over the summer! I hope you take a lot away from it and complete it with an A+ (: (Also, I always wanted to go to Starbucks late at night to blog..just to see what it was like..maybe I will now hahah) Good luck and have a great week!
    Taylor @ Love and Rust

    • Foreign Geek

      Hi Taylor, thanks for stopping by. I am highly recommending the course, maybe next time when you are less busy 🙂 Let’s create a late night Starbucks blogging movement! Let me know once you have done it, I hope you will a great time and good coffee.

  • Good luck on your goals!!! I hope I can eventually do the Everyday Happy e-course but didn’t have the money or time this go ’round! Glad you’re enjoying it! I’ve heard it’s awesome! Have a great week!

    • Foreign Geek

      Stephanie I am sure you will, one day soon! Btw, knowing how positive you are, you should be the teacher in a happiness course and not the student 😛 All the best at Nacrafters!

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