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I Almost Didn’t Climb The Great Wall of China

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I went to Beijing for a sole reason, the Great Wall. The wall had fascinated me for a long time; since the third grade in the primary school when I first learned about the 7 Wonders of the World. Back then there was only one version of the 7 Wonders of the World, not like now, what with the New 7 Wonders, the Medieval 7 Wonders, the Modern 7 Wonders. What could be the difference between the new and the modern version of the World wonders, I, myself, wonder? At this rate, soon Kim Kardashian’s back will be one of the 7 Body Shape Wonders of the World.

On the big day, I woke up super early, shampooed my hair (so it would look flowy in the pictures. An update: it didn’t.) and waited in a coffee shop near the hotel for the tour bus to pick me up. The day’s itinerary was to visit Ming Tombs and Great Wall. I didn’t know much about Ming Tombs, but yeah why not?

After the interesting history lesson of powerful people’s cemeteries, we finally were on our way to the Great Wall. I couldn’t contain my excitement! It felt like I am going to meet my celebrity crush, Ian Somerhalder. Except here, Ian was 2300 years old and had killed 1 million people, but still he would be 2000 miles long and been lying there, waiting for me.

Just before we reached the tour guide kept asking us what our favorite sport was and whether we did it regularly. That was not the time, nor it was a polite question to ask people! I mean what if we don’t do sport at all, like err.. me. My turn came and I answered, “Umm.. chess?” (I don’t play chess, I thought it’s a smart answer. It wasn’t. Nobody laugh, I wasn’t witty. I was the lazy girl who took way too many pictures of the Ming Tombs).

Then I saw it from the bus. The magnificent Great Wall of China. My eyes were watery you guys! Only a few things could get me all mushy; the movie Independence Day, sweet, warm desserts and the wall were ones of the few. When a tour mate acquaintance saw it, I told them that I was from a tropical country and cold weather made my eyes watery. I didn’t want to be the lazy emo girl who took way too many pictures of the Ming Tombs and cried in front of the Great Wall.

The Great Wall of China

Great Wall. OMG GW! I spotted a couple of towers and small temples — It was jaw droopingly beautiful.

Only when we reached the entrance I realized, we had to climb. Why oh why did I think the Great Wall was flat? Why didn’t it occur to me when I stared at the picture of it on my office desktop for many hours while acting busy? Now I understood why the tour guide asked that question! I hate climbing! I HATE IT! The besties already had me climb to too many places the week before and I wasn’t prepared for this, for another one, especially when I didn’t have them motivate me this time. I contemplated to hang in the coffee shop near the entrance, but no, my fascination for the wall was too big for that, so I braced myself and started climbing, even though I stopped after like every ten steps pretending to take the scenery view, but actually took an embarrassing number of selfies. In my defense, it was one of the things to do, #61, in my bucket list. Btw, just to be clear, a fly could tell you there was not much change of scenery from ten steps ago.

Great Wall of China Beijing

There were three visible towers from the bottom of the wall. After I reached the second tower, I gave up. There wouldn’t be much different anyway because it was foggy, I told myself. If you had been there to the third tower please don’t tell me the view was much better from up there.

Great Wall Love Lock
Love Lock near the entrance of the Great Wall of China

On the way back, I realized the Great Wall of China was my first of the 7 Wonders of the World I learned years ago. Wow! I always thought Taj Mahal would be my first; hopefully it would be my next.

Have you visited the 7 Wonders of the World (whatever version) before or planning to visit one? Share with me! Drop a link to your post will you?

I am linking up with the Travel Tuesday gurus; Tina, Bonnie and Melanie.

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